“Soul Journey” – Evelina de Lain

New Sounds: 30th January 2016
“Soul Journey” – Evelina de Lain

Evelina de Lain’s moving story of overcoming serious injury was an inspiration to many when we published it here on the Pianodao site a couple of months ago. And it is with particular pleasure that this weekend I am sharing this EP sampler from her latest album, “Soul Journey”, which was released in 2015.

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Social Media and Feelings of Inadequacy

Following on from her well-received post “Am I Really Good Enough“, guest author Frances Wilson turns her focus to the impact that social media can have on our view of ourselves…

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Iconoclasts, Shibboleths, Paul Bley and Pierre Boulez

Classical composer and conductor Pierre Boulez passed within a week of the influential jazz pianist Paul Bley… in this brilliant in-depth article, guest author Mark Polishook considers the impact that both musicians had on the music of the 20th century and beyond…

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Paul Harris: “A Piece a Week”

One of the most interesting publications for pianists in recent months is ‘A Piece a Week’ – the first two books in a new series by popular author Paul Harris.

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“Porte Harmonique”

New Sounds:  16th January 2016
Mathias Schmitt: “Porte Harmonique – Les Fugues Fantômes – 2015”

Born in Lyon in 1977 , Mathias Schmitt discovered the piano at the age of 5, and followed a classical education to the age of 15. He then met Armand Reynaud , Harmony Professor of Jazz Conservatory of Lyon, who introduced him to improvisation.

He now performs regularly in piano bars and various other places, following his belief in:

“continuous improvisation, punctuated by nods to jazz standards and other tunes buried in our imaginations.”

I am very fond of the harmonic progression that forms the backbone of this piece, and I love the way that Mathias develops this motif into something so emotionally engaging. I hope you enjoy it just as much!

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