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My First Concert

‘My First Concert’ is a recent publication from Schott Music which brings together 57 Easy Concert Pieces in a range of styles, complete with a reference CD recording.

Selected and edited by Monika Twelsiek, who has compiled several great piano collections for Schott before, the book includes pieces appropriate for players from beginner to UK Grade 3 level, chosen for their suitability as concert works.

My first piano concertFrom the Baroque, there are pieces by Praetorius, Handel, Schein, Bach, and others. The Classical era is represented by composers including Türk, Diabelli, Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven, while from the Romantic period there are easy works by Chopin, Schumann, Grieg, Tchaikovsky and more!

The “Modern Age” section includes classical pieces by Orff, Bartók and others, and completing the book there are a handful of pieces in rock, pop and tango styles.

Throughout the book, all the pieces are original compositions (not arrangements) elegantly reproduced without editorial changes (so for example the baroque pieces appear here without the addition of an editor’s prefered dynamics, which can so easily spoil other collections).

For piano teachers, this book would serve as a fabulous sight-reading resource as well as a good book to discover new repertoire.

Complete Repertoire Contents

Here’s the complete repertoire list of pieces contained in the book:


  • M. Praetorius: Old German Dance
  • J.v.d. Hofe: Canario
  • G.F. Händel: Gavotte C major
  • D. Speer: Aria D minor
  • J. Krieg: Menuett A minor
  • J.H. Schein: Allemande G major
  • C. Graupner: Bourrée E minor
  • J.-F. Dandrieu: Gavotte en Rondeau
  • G.F. Händel: Chaconne G major
  • J.S. Bach: Präludium C major

Classical Age:

  • D.G. Türk: Four Little Pieces
  • A. Diabelli: Three Little Pieces
  • J.B. Vanhal: Sonatina F major
  • J. Haydn: Menuett F major
  • W.A. Mozart: Allegretto C major KV 605 Nr. 3
  • L.v. Beethoven: German Dance C major
  • L.v. Beethoven: German Dance G major
  • W. Duncombe: Hunting Jig
  • D. Steibel: Adagio A minor
  • T. Haslinger: Sonatina C major

Romantic Age:

  • F. Spindler: Song Without Words
  • C. Gurlitt: Dreary Hours
  • C. Gurlitt: A Midsummer Day’s Song
  • A. Gretchaninoff: Fairy Tale
  • A. Gretchaninoff: A Tiresome Lesson
  • P. Tschaikowsky: Old French Song
  • C. Franck: Dolly’s Complaint
  • F. Chopin: Polish Song
  • R. Schumann: A Little Piece
  • R. Schumann: Reaper’s Song
  • F. Burgmüller: The Tender Flower
  • E. Grieg: Waltz A minor

Modern Age:

  • G.F. Humbert: The Train
  • G. Kretschmer: Elephants
  • C. Orff: Dancing Piece
  • B. Bartok: Moderato V, VI from First Term at the Piano
  • M. Tajevic: Cantabile from For Children
  • H. Regner: In the Cave from Once upon a Time there was a King
  • B. Bartok: Play
  • B. Bartok: Quasi adagio
  • B. Bartok: Children’s Dance from For Children
  • R. Mohrs: The Bewitched Dwarf Awakens
  • R. Mohrs: Dance of the Dwarves

Rock, Pop, Tango and more:

  • M. Schoenmehl: Holidays
  • G. Kretschmer: Rainy Weather Blues
  • G.F. Humbert: Ragtime
  • F. Emonts: Tango
  • J. Moser: Rainy Day
  • G. Nevada: When a Dream drifts away

With many familiar favourites and several lesser known pieces, this is simply a great collection to dip into!

Highly Recommended!

Published by

Andrew Eales

Andrew Eales is a pianist, writer and teacher based in Milton Keynes UK. He runs a successful independent teaching studio and music education business, Keyquest Music.

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