ABRSM Response to Teachers’ Concerns

There has been a huge response to my previous post, in which I addressed the widespread concern expressed by teachers following a recent ABRSM survey. I concluded that article with the words,

“ABRSM will undoubtedly be listening carefully to all the feedback they receive, and it will certainly be interesting to see what form their Teacher Membership scheme eventually takes!”

I was delighted to hear from ABRSM today confirming that they are indeed listening to the feedback they are getting in general, and the Pianodao article in particular.

Here is a formal response from ABRSM’s Jeremy Phillips, which he has suggested I might like to share as a general reassurance to all :

“It was interesting to read your blog about ABRSM’s latest Teacher Survey. I can confirm no decision has been made to establish a Teacher Membership Programme and as you rightly point out “this is a survey…not a finished proposal, and ABRSM are inviting feedback from teachers.”

I’d like to reassure you that if we did launch a new teacher scheme, it would be thoroughly thought through and offer good value for money. It will also reflect the feedback that has been gathered through this current research stage.

We place the highest importance on listening to, and learning from, music teachers. All the feedback we receive will be invaluable as we continually look to refresh our offer to ensure teachers and learners remain at the heart of everything we do.

If anyone has further questions or comments, then do please contact us on teachersupport@abrsm.ac.uk and we’d be happy to help.

Jeremy Phillips
Executive Director, Commercial

Given the volume of concern that I have seen expressed online, and the comments many distinguished teachers have given privately, I am sure that many will indeed find this message very reassuring.

My warmest thanks to Jeremy for taking the time to read and consider the Pianodao article, and for providing such a helpful and encouraging response!

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Andrew Eales

Andrew Eales is a pianist, writer and teacher based in Milton Keynes UK. He runs a successful independent teaching studio and music education business, Keyquest Music.

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