It’s a New Day, and a New Week

Living Beyond the Notes

An inspirational quote to start the new week. And while you read, you might also enjoy this original, hope-filled piano composition from a while ago…

Here’s the quote – very simple, but have a good think about each sentence before skipping ahead…

The writer talks about a “New Day”, but at the start of the week perhaps we can apply it to the “New Week” with even more benefit!

“Every morning means a fresh start on things.
If yesterday was trying and exhausting, today is a given opportunity to do something different.
If yesterday was full of triumph and satisfaction, today is a free chance to go further.
All too often we wake up, think of our schedules, and assume that we must act according to the same dull script. We need not.
If we find what is unique to each day, we will have freshness and the greatest fulfillment possible.”

Deng Ming-Dao,  365 Tao Daily Meditations (1992, Harper Collins)

Have a unique and wonderful day – and week ahead!

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Andrew Eales

Andrew Eales is a widely respected piano educator, writer and composer based on Milton Keynes UK. His book HOW TO PRACTISE MUSIC is published by Hal Leonard.

95 thoughts on “It’s a New Day, and a New Week”

  1. Inspiring others is no funny business and you seem to be a craftsman of the same…. Thanks a ton

  2. Great reminder for the fresh week ahead, we can make it into whatever we want it to be! So often we do get stuck doing what we think is what we HAVE to do, when we really can take control and shape our world into what we want it to be!! Thanks for a great reminder☺️

  3. Thank you for sharing this with us , I love piano so much. I was playing piano as a kid , and few days ago I start again, I’m so happy to play 🙂 Also I’m new on wordpress and it will be lovely if you can take an eye and checkout my blog 🙂 Thank you

  4. So true. I always say “Everyday is a new day, a new begining. One day at a time.” It’s so easy to be sucked into a funk where each day seems to another set of continous stressors. I think we often take for granted how blessed our lives are as imperfect as they may seem.

    1. I so enjoyed the piano solo. It brought such a calm to my spirit as well as the unlimited ways we can positively represent our God on a daily basis. Thank you.

  5. Nice quotes.though am reading now when a day is getting over… the end of every day we get the beginning of another day.

  6. A wonderful thought and heartfelt wish, a profound “Thank you” back. Live long and prosper.

  7. Beautiful and interesting one ! Music is great . This is my best sentence “If we find what is unique to each day, we will have freshness and the greatest fulfillment possible.”

  8. A wonderful pause. I so enjoyed the piano solo. It brought such s calming feeling. Thanks

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