Top Ten Posts 2016

Overall, Pianodao has had more than 100,000 hits this year – so firstly a HUGE and heart-felt THANK YOU to all who have supported the site, shared posts and helped it to gain some recognition.

A particular word of thanks too, to the Guest Authors who have contributed articles and insights over the year!

As December draws on, I can now announce the top ten posts of 2016, based on their popularity according to WordPress stats.

And here we are: if you missed any of these you might want to catch up reading them over the New Year holiday period – hope you enjoy them!

In reverse order [drum roll…]

The Top Ten:

10:  The Art of Piano Fingering


In late 2016 I started including book reviews on the site, and this is among the first. The review of Rami Bar-Niv’s groundbreaking and thoroughly excellent book proved hugely popular with readers.

Read it Here »

9:  Ten Important Memory Tricks for Pianists

Sofie Kay teachingThis guest post by Sofie Kay looks at an issue that is problematic for many pianists, offering range of strategies for memorisation that hopefully proved helpful to the significant numbers who read it…

And it’s a  well-researched piece that everyone should read!

Read it Here »

8:  The New ABRSM Prep Test

Prep Test detail

Sheet Music Reviews have been a popular feature of the site, providing readers with an in-depth look at some of the latest resources on the UK (and international) market.

Three reviews even made it into the year’s Top Ten most popular posts – the first of which is my look at the newly revised ABRSM Prep Test publication…

Read it Here »

7:  Playing the Piano “For Fun”?

Learn piano Milton Keynes

Written to provoke thought and discussion, this post explores the suggestion that pupils who want to play “for fun” may mean those words differently to how some teachers will hear and interpret them.

It’s an article about what motivates us to learn the piano – and it succeeded in generating a lot of positive debate online!

Read it Here »

6:  The Year of the Fire Monkey

2016 1Written back in February, at the start of the Chinese New Year, this article was in some ways written as a discursive bit of fun. However, as the year continued so many of the predicted characteristics of the year proved uncannily true that it became a post to return to again and again!

All told, it proved to be one of the most popular posts of 2016 – so it’s time for me to research a follow up on 2017: Year of the Rooster!

Read it Here »

5:  Rhythm Games

Milton Keynes piano studioRhythm Games was one of this year’s Free Downloads (there will be plenty more in 2017..!) and proved very popular.

Included is a set of Rhythm Flash Cards for use when teaching rhythm notation, together with a set of different ideas for musical games suitable for individual or group lessons.

Grab Your Freebie Here! »

4:  András Schiff & Natural Breathing


One of the most important posts published on Pianodao, this article about breathing proved to be hugely popular, and paved the way for the launch of Piano Qigong, and in particular my recent post Breathing at the Piano, which offers exercises to help develop your breathing.

Read it Here »

3:  The Lang Lang Piano Method

Land Land piano method reviewThere was great interest in my review of the new Lang Lang Piano Method for younger beginners when it was launched back in March. Pianodao was able to offer the world’s first in-depth look at the books, with thanks to Faber Music, publishing the review on launch day.

Interest in the review has continued throughout the year – it has been one of the top ten most widely read posts every month for the remainder of 2016! And the impartiality of the review has helped to cement the reputation Pianodao has for fair and balanced reviews.

You may also be interested in my Review of books 4 and 5 when they were published later in the year.

Read the Review of Books 1-3 Here »

2:  ABRSM Syllabus 2018-19 – The Review

ABRSM 2017At number 2, my in-depth look at the new ABRSM Piano Syllabus.

Given ABRSM’s status as the world’s leading instrumental examining board, the publication of their biannual repertoire books naturally comes as something of an “event” within the piano teaching world, providing the core repertoire that many around the world will focus on. So it is perhaps to be expected that a considered review of the latest publications would attract wide interest….

Read it Here »

You may also be interested in these posts:

1:  A Practical Guide to Teaching Sight-Reading

Piano sight-readingAnd so to the TOP POST of 2016 in terms of website hits!

This fabulous Guest Post by regular Pianodao contributor and best-selling author Karen Marshall looks back at the lessons she learnt from Christine Brown, providing clear arguments for teaching sight-reading, combined with some excellent practical tips which have clearly proved a huge hit with readers all over the world!

Read it Here »

Coming in 2017

Early in the new year the Pianodao site is going to offer tailored pathways for exploring The Way of Piano, which will curate the best material on the site as an easy-to-access permanent resource. Readers will be able to consider their own journey in terms of Pathways for PlayingPathways for Teaching and  Pathways for Living.

And of course Piano Qigong will continuing it’s steady development as a free resources that all readers can access.

Wishing all Pianodao readers a peaceful and productive 2017!


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Andrew Eales

Andrew Eales is a pianist, writer and teacher based in Milton Keynes UK. He runs a successful independent teaching studio and music education business, Keyquest Music.

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