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An independent publication which has recently come to my attention, With Love (volume 1) is a collection of nine original solo piano pieces by Lesley Ross, a pianist, teacher and composer based in the west of Scotland.

Suitable for pianists at around Grade 3 level, I can see With Love (volume 1) being a hit with students looking for light relief between more serious repertoire, and adults who enjoy relaxing music at the piano.

The publication

The sheet music book for With Love (volume 1) is nicely produced, with an eye-catching cover. Printed on white paper, slightly smaller than A4 size, the notation is clean, well spaced and presented in a well sized font, ensuring that the pieces are easy to read. I would have preferred stapled binding, but with a little bending the pages lie flat on the music rest, and the book seems to be made to last.


Minimal fingering suggestions are provided, but this is a little inconsistent, and for music at this level I think more fingering might be beneficial. Dynamic markings are also limited, and there is little articulation, but the composer’s stated goal is to allow the performer to “express themselves freely”.

The pieces themselves are appealing, romantic, and enjoyable; they will be easy for non-musicians to enjoy listening to, while refreshing and relaxing for the player.

You can decide for yourself whether Lesley’s music appeals to you – she has recorded most of them and a set containing eight of the nine pieces is available to listen to here:


With Love (volume 1) is a collection which essentially sells itself; if you enjoy listening to these pieces and want to have a go at playing them, there can be no greater recommendation for buying the sheet music.

With Love (volume 2) is expected soon!

For more information:  Lesley Ross Music website

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Andrew Eales

Andrew Eales is a widely respected piano educator, published author and composer based in Milton Keynes UK, where he runs a successful private teaching studio.