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Active Repertoire Challenge 2018

Are you ready for a fresh challenge?

Throughout 2017, the Active Repertoire Project has helped piano players from around the world build confidence and find more enjoyment playing the piano.

In 2018, I invite you to join this exciting project –
and let’s take it to the Next Level!

Download ACTIVE REPERTOIRE 2018 sheets here.

The Challenge…

At the start of the year, use the brand new Active Repertoire 2018 sheet to list three pieces that you can now play from memory. If you’ve not developed an Active Repertoire before, feel free to leave this section blank.

And now, there is an extra section for you to ADD three NEW pieces to your Active Repertoire in 2018.

Ultimately you might want to use the challenge to stretch yourself and have SIX pieces of Active Repertoire – or you might prefer for the new pieces to steadily replace those from last year…. it’s completely up to you! But always keep at least THREE pieces of Active Repertoire on the list!

The sheets also include plenty of spaces for further replacement pieces to be added as the year progresses, and as your repertoire continues to develop. And you can always print off another sheet if you need one!

For more information about how to use the sheet, please refer to the –

You can also read about the Three Types of Repertoire here.

Let’s make 2018 a truly SPECIAL year as pianists.

Let’s not simply focus on the quantity of notes played, or push ourselves to learn as many pieces as possible, regardless of our enjoyment and musical engagement –

Let’s instead shift our focus onto quality, and make this a year in which we enjoy developing our musicianship and artistry.

Remember: the bottom line is this – what can you really play?

Enjoy the Challenge!


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Andrew Eales

Andrew Eales is a pianist, writer and teacher based in Milton Keynes UK, where he runs Keyquest Music - his successful independent music education business, private teaching practice and creative outlet.

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