Pianodao Spring Clean!

Here in the UK, Spring has not yet sprung, and may be a few weeks away still, but I’ve been busy looking back at the 300+ articles published here over the last two years, with a view to tidying up a bit!

You may have noticed that the menus have recently been updated, bringing the site closer to its core focus of the pianist’s journey as a player, teacher, and in life.

However, this year’s Spring Clean goes beyond reorganising the site content, and I’ve taken time to remove quite a number of articles which I don’t believe comfortably fit the goals and values of Pianodao moving forward. The process is also still ongoing, so a few more posts may be sent to the basement yet…

Here, then, is a brief run down of what has gone, and why…


The product that I care about – and I’m sure most readers will agree – is the one that I am keen to use within my own practice.

In recent months, this thought has become the basis for reviews on Pianodao, meaning that I have become more selective when choosing what to review, so that readers can use Pianodao primarily as a positive source of solid recommendations.

With this in mind, I have also now removed around a dozen older reviews of products which I am basically not entirely happy to recommend. This brings consistency to the site going forward.


Life is a journey in which progress is a process. As part of that journey, hopefully our understanding grows. As a writer, this can mean that posts written in yesteryear no longer reflect my ongoing teaching values and practices.

A few older posts have been taken offline and returned to the “drafts” folder, where they will be edited, updated and republished at a later date.

Posts covering topical issues which are no longer relevant have also been removed.

Guest Posts

The value of guest posts is in their contribution of unique content which addresses the themes of the Pianodao site, offering a complementary perspective. I am hugely grateful to the many writers who have been willing to contribute in this way, and you can find links to all their posts here.

Where a guest writer’s primary intention seems in hindsight to have been to promote a product, service or event, I have removed their post. This is in keeping with the site’s non-commercial goals.

The Future

My goal remains the same today as when I started to site – “to inform, encourage and inspire”.

This Spring Clean has been the result of my own ongoing reflection – and I would like to thank readers for their support and feedback. Thank you for reading the articles shared here. Thank you for reading this article!

I hope that in the coming year, Pianodao will continue to play a constructive role in your piano journey!

Published by

Andrew Eales

Andrew Eales is a pianist, writer and teacher based in Milton Keynes UK, where he runs Keyquest Music - his successful independent music education business, private teaching practice and creative outlet.

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