Another 20 Great Jazz Pianists

When I published a blog post sharing clips of 20 Great Jazz Pianists – with the disclaimer that, “these aren’t necessarily the 20 greatest jazz pianists of all time” – I was hopeful that by exploring the included clips readers would get a glimpse of the length and breadth of the wonderful world of jazz piano.

But no sooner had I posted than I began musing over those many brilliant pianists who I hadn’t included, and in a jiffy the idea came to me – publish a follow-up post with another 20 pianists!

In the event this list was far more difficult to collate – and here I must thank my good friend Mark Polishook for pointing me in the direction of a few players I might otherwise have overlooked. And having covered some of the most obvious seminal players in my first list of 20 great jazz players, this post has offered a chance to explore some less predictable paths!

In the event, including everyone we both thought deserved a moment in the spotlight wasn’t possible. On the plus side the 20 I have selected include something for everyone, and once again show how immersive and varied the world of jazz playing is, from the stride of James P. Johnson to the beautiful and experimental introspection of Tord Gustavsen, and from the sophistication of George Shearing to the explosive force of nature that is Hiromi Uehara – it’s all here.

Or at least some if it is! Because there’s a whole world of amazing music out there waiting to explored.

So without further ado or comment, Welcome back to the world of the jazz pianist. Here are the clips – I hope that you enjoy them!

Another 20 Great Jazz Pianists:

Once again, pianists are introduced chronologically by date of birth, giving some overview of the history and variety of jazz styles…

James P. Johnson  (1894-1955)

Mary Lou Williams  (1910-1981)

Teddy Wilson  (1912-1986)

Hank Jones  (1918-2010)

Herbie Nichols  (1919-1963)

Nat King Cole  (1919-1965)

George Shearing  (1919-2011)

Red Garland  (1923-1984)

Horace Silver  (1928-2014)

Dave McKenna  (1930-2008)

Tommy Flanagan  (1930-2001)

Wynton Kelly  (1931-1971)

Phineas Newborn Jr  (1931-1989)

Paul Bley  (1932-2016)

Monty Alexander  (b.1944)

Lyle Mays  (b.1953)

Fred Hersch  (b.1955)

Gonzalo Rubalcaba  (b.1963)

Tord Gustavsen  (b.1970)

Hiromi Uehara  (b.1979)

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