Christmas Repertoire Sheets 2018

Christmas is one of those times in the year when having a few party pieces up our sleeves is particularly important – and of course family and friends are often keen to hear us play their seasonal favourites, so it’s worth adding those into the Active Repertoire mix over the next two months!

With this in mind, here’s a special Christmas gift to Pianodao readers – a Christmas Repertoire Sheet which can be used alongside your and your students’ standard Active Repertoire Sheet.

pdf-logo   Christmas Repertoire Sheet 2018  [PDF Download]

The Christmas Repertoire sheet can of course be used how you like, but my own suggestions are shown on the Sheet itself, and will hopefully be clear to those taking part in the ongoing Active Repertoire Challenge.

As always, the choice is with each player. And however you use the Christmas Repertoire sheets, I hope that it will make a positive contribution to your piano journey over the next two months!

Musical Ideas

Looking for ideas of good seasonal sheet music publications? Try here:

With preparations for Christmas concerts, shows and services under way for many piano players, it is tempting to leave our other Active Repertoire to one side while we focus on festive favourites. That is something we may regret come January, when we find that our favourite repertoire pieces have slipped!

It’s a good idea to keep those Active Repertoire pieces going, even if we reduce to playing them once a week while we focus on Seasonal music.

Wishing readers all the joys of the Season!

Speaking of Christmas …

Have you enjoyed reading Pianodao this year, and found the reviews and posts here helpful? If so, please consider a Christmas gift to help support the site’s costs and work in the coming year – it’s really appreciated! Thank you …

Afternoon Tea:


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Andrew Eales

Andrew Eales is a pianist, writer and teacher based in Milton Keynes UK, where he runs Keyquest Music - his successful independent music education business, private teaching practice and creative outlet.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Repertoire Sheets 2018”

  1. Andrew,
    The kids really loved this sheet last year. It helped them understand the idea of having “ready to play” repertoire. We call this kind of repertoire Triple A pieces. Anytime, Anywhere for Anybody.
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful holiday ideas with us.

    Liked by 1 person

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