‘PianoTrainer’ Free Downloads

FREE Resources to accompany:

  • The Foundation Pianist
  • The Intermediate Pianist
  • The Advanced Pianist

Especially designed to accompany the award winning books or just for general use, Faber Music with Karen Marshall have designed free digital resources for teachers to use in their piano teaching.

The Piano Trainer Series includes three parts:

  • Foundation (Post Grade 1 – 3)
  • Intermediate (Grade 3 – 5)
  • Advanced (Grade 6 – 8).

A musical, technical and theoretical curriculum, the seven books provide a ‘one stop shop’ for piano teachers.

Packed with repertoire to inspire and develop a pianist, each level has a focus. Foundation is all about technique and musical periods,  Intermediate introduces 25 styles of Music, and Advanced homes in on interpretation with a special feature called ‘The Concert Pianist’, where Mark Tanner explains the ‘hows’ of interpretation of different pieces of music.

All books include technical, theoretical and musicianship activities so students can really understand what they are playing.

Based on Karen Marshall’s own several decades of piano teaching at all levels (in schools and private practice) she is joined by three other expert music educationalists and composers:  

  • David Blackwell (Foundation),
  • Heather Hammond (Intermediate)
  • Mark Tanner (Advanced).  

Karen sincerely hopes these free resources will support piano teachers in their valuable work, developing the next generation of pianists.

What is available: 

pdf-logo  Blank Manuscript Paper

pdf-logo  Foundational Technique Checklist

pdf-logo  The Foundation Pianist – Musical Time Line 1

pdf-logo  The Foundation Pianist – Musical Time Line 2

pdf-logo  The Foundation Pianist – Circle of Fifths

pdf-logo  The Intermediate Pianist – Repertoire explorer

pdf-logo  The Intermediate Pianist – Cadences at a Glance

pdf-logo  The Intermediate Pianist – The Modulation Generator

pdf-logo  The Intermediate Pianist – The key features of music

pdf-logo  The Intermediate Pianist – Intervals at a glance

pdf-logo  The Intermediate Pianist – Keyboard Charts for Scales

pdf-logo  The Advanced Pianist – Chord Grids

pdf-logo  The Advanced Pianist – Sonata form at a glance

I’m grateful to Karen Marshall and Faber Music for allowing Pianodao to host these free downloads, which will be so very useful to so many from beginner to advanced level, extending a fuller understanding of our wonderful piano repertoire! And I hope that you enjoy using them!

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The Foundation Pianist
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The Intermediate Pianist
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The Advanced Pianist
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Andrew Eales is a pianist, writer and teacher based in Milton Keynes UK, where he runs Keyquest Music - his successful independent music education business, private teaching practice and creative outlet.

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