Supporting the Piano community

We are living through a difficult, extraordinary and overwhelming time. My thoughts are with Pianodao readers, hoping that you and your loved ones are staying safe and keeping well.

Here’s how I hope to continue supporting Pianodao readers at this time…

There is much that could be said about the COVID-19 outbreak, and the many ways it is likely to impact our piano journey. I am not a medical expert, scientist, political leader, or legal expert. And like most piano teachers, my journey into teaching via video link is in its earlier stages, and proving quite tiring.

There are many others who can and are commenting and advising on these issues. You may even find yourself somewhat overwhelmed by the plethora of advice out there; me too!

Pianodao includes some excellent features by Mark Polishook and Garreth Brooke which helpfully address questions around teaching via video link. The best advice I can stress is to keep things as simple as possible, stay flexible, and remember: this will soon pass.

In the meantime, here on Pianodao I hope to continue supporting the piano community by focussing on the wonderful music that makes our lives more worthwhile than they would otherwise be.

Piano music has a permanent place in our lives, and with so many around the world staying home as advised, this can be a time where we make the most of the practice opportunity available. Amidst the anxiety, the pain, anger and sense of loss, music can still be a constant companion.

Music can, as ever, offer that sanctuary which so many of us have come to know and cherish.

During my own confinement at home I hope to explore a lot of the music that remains in my “review backlog”, and will let you know about the best of it through articles which maintain a flow of positive and inspiring recommendations for players of all ages and levels.

Sharing friendship and community online…

This would be an apt point to remind readers about the Pianodao Tea Room, a special community through which we can support one another during this challenging time.

And if you are looking to expand your repertoire, great news: members also receive a 20% discount on sheet music from several active online suppliers.

For a limited time, there will be no joining fee.
All I ask is that you please support Pianodao with a donation of your own choosing, and when you can.

The Pianodao Tea Room is a super-friendly online community and loyalty club for those who appreciate this site. It exists as a private Facebook group, where members can chat, share stories and news, enjoy discussion, and support one another.

At times of difficulty, membership of such a community is more valuable than ever. And while larger Facebook groups are great places for seeking a wide range of opinion and expertise, the ‘Tea Room’ enjoys a sense of privacy and intimacy which comes from being a smaller group of like-minded players and readers with shared values.

Membership requires a Facebook account; acceptance is conditional upon agreement to Facebook’s Community Guidelines and our group rules.

Membership entitles readers to discounts from these online suppliers:

•  20% off all sheet music purchases from
•  20% of all sheet music from Elena Cobb’s EVC Music.
•  20% off all sheet music from Editions Musica Ferrum.
• 20% off all sheet music from Edition HH.

The Discounts shown above are current but subject to change without notice. Offers may expire, be updated, replaced, and new deals introduced.

To access the Pianodao Tea Room community group on Facebook, where you will also find your discount codes:

I hope that in the coming weeks, exploring the wonderful world of piano music will be a blessing, a light in the darkness, an anchor.


I hope you are finding Pianodao informative and encouraging.
You can now read more than 500 FREE articles and reviews here.
Please spread the word, and support the site’s future:


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Andrew Eales

Andrew Eales is a pianist, writer and teacher based in Milton Keynes UK, where he runs Keyquest Music - his successful independent music education business, private teaching practice and creative outlet.

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