My First Get Set! Piano Book

Karen Marshall

Do you teach younger beginners or fancy having a go at working with these little ones in the future?

We are providing some new free digital resources, which have been designed just for you, and to celebrate the launch of two brand new books (My First Piano book and My First Piano Pieces, Puzzles and Activities) both in the Get Set! Series.

This is a free Teacher Starter Pack (courtesy of Collins Music) based on the material in the books.

Writing these books has been quite a journey (the most difficult books I’ve written to date). They took 5 years to write, with material tried and tested in the development process.

These resources are for children from 5 years; the idea is to use the piano as an introduction to music.

You can download this free resource here:


So what is in this starter pack?..


  • Meet the Music Town Characters 1
  • Meet the Music Town Characters 2

Some characters you can use in your teaching to develop understanding of Dynamics: loud and quiet;  Tempo: Presto, Lento and Moderato. Children can also colour these in.

  • Composing time

There’s a ‘Composing time’ sheet with a space for you to identify what notes you want your student to use and a keyboard to also illustrate them on too.

The easy-to-use grid makes composing very simple for these little ones where hearts also guide the pulse.

  • Rhythm time (two sheets)

With rhythmic notation all set out here to draw upon, children can make their own four beat rhythms on easy to use grids. 

Accompanied by cut-and-stick notes and rests, these notes are also laid out in a rhythm grid style so a child can see how many crotchets there are in a semi-breve (it’s relative in size).

Extra Pieces…

There are three sections in the books for music: 

  1. black notes tunes
  2. notes off the stave
  3. notes on the stave but with the note names written inside

Here you are given samples of one piece from each section (this is fresh material and not included in the books).

  • Rain on the Green Grass 

A black-note piece perfect for teaching children their 1 and 5 finger numbers .

  • Wizard Wizard (2 pages)

Based on the popular song ‘Doggy Doggy Where’s my bone’.

This piece uses notes D, B and E off the stave. Teachers select what finger numbers to use and these can be filled in.

There is also a listening activity, based on Dukas’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

  • New World

This piece by Dvořák is on the stave, but with the note names provided.

Teachers can again select what finger numbers a student should use.

And finally …….

Have fun with these resources and more will be coming soon!

It’s a magical time – a student’s first piano lessons! I really hope these pieces and musical activities are helpful in your students’ musical journey. 

Do give feedback on other resources you may be interested in.

Many thanks for your interest!

Also Available on Pianodao:

My First Piano Book and My First Pieces, Puzzles and Activities are available to purchase online now from: | EVC Music

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Andrew Eales

Andrew Eales is a pianist, writer and teacher based in Milton Keynes UK, where he runs Keyquest Music - his successful independent music education business, private teaching practice and creative outlet.

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