UK Exam Boards: The Pianodao 2021 Survey

Later this year, Pianodao hopes to publish a major feature, Which Piano Exam Board 2021-3.

The aim of the article will be to support and inform those readers who are considering taking a formal piano playing assessment, and looking for a simple comparative summary of what is available to them from the UK-based international examination boards.

To that end, I have invited the five accredited exam boards to contribute their own content, and am now also asking you to provide user feedback if you have it.

The review form is included later in this article, so if you would like to contribute, then please read on…

What will be included in the article?

After my short introduction, each of the five accredited UK/international boards will be given its own page, which will hopefully include:

  • Who they are in their own words
  • What they offer piano players
  • What is new in the last year?
  • User Reviews
  • An overall rating based on user feedback

To this end I would be grateful if you you could offer user feedback using the form below, provided that you do not work for any of the five boards and have used the board you are reviewing for an exam in the last 12 months

Your feedback must please be factual and balanced. Please try to include your experience and thoughts on two or three of the following:

  • Syllabus
  • Publications & Resources
  • Entry Process
  • Website and Online support
  • The Exam itself
  • Quality and helpfulness of examiner feedback
  • Marking
  • Customer Service
  • Overall experience

In completing the form below, please note that your comment may or may not end up included in the article, and may be shortened if necessary in order to balance with other user comments. A small but balanced and representative sample of feedback will be included in the article, but all ratings will contribute to the overall rating awarded to each board.

You may either be credited with your name or initials; the form provides you with a space to state how you wish to be credited. Any anonymous comments or suspect submissions will not be included in the article, nor will their ratings be accepted.

If you have used more than one exam board this year, please feel free to complete the form for each board you have used.

Survey Form

Oops! This survey is now closed.
Many thanks to all who gave their feedback.

Feedback from the survey has been included as promised in the article Which Piano Exam Board 2021-3, which is now available for you to read here.

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Andrew Eales

Andrew Eales is the author of HOW TO PRACTISE MUSIC, published worldwide by Hal Leonard. He is a widely respected piano educator and published composer based on Milton Keynes UK.