Garreth Brooke: Apart, Together


The latest promotional FREE sheet music download exclusive for Pianodao readers is by composer Garreth Brooke: the wonderful Apart, Together from a forthcoming collection to be published by Editions Musica Ferrum next year.

Garreth’s recording of the piece has already been streamed more than 20,000 times on Spotify. Intermediate players and their teachers certainly won’t want to miss this!

To introduce the piece in his own words, I will hand over to composer Garreth Brooke:

Apart, Together is a piece taking from a forthcoming book of contemporary studies I’m releasing with Editions Musica Ferrum which I hope will fill a gap in the market.

The studies vary from about Grades 3-6 (intermediate level) and all explore one or two technical challenges that you come across in “contemporary classical” or “new age” piano music. I’m trying to bridge the gap I perceive between piano education and that enormously popular genre that you find on Spotify’s Peaceful Piano playlist. These studies will give students some of the tools they need to perform in that genre, but are underpinned with classical technique and are of a suitable length to be used as exam pieces. 

There are studies exploring syncopation, chord clusters, crossing hands, projecting melody over accompaniment the right hand, etc etc. Crucially, they are very accessible, with appealing and singable melodies. Some of them have already been released as audio tracks and have passed the Spotify test, so-to-speak; i.e. they have done well and already have significant numbers of streams.

The piece is called Apart, Together and the audio came out two weeks ago and has already got 20K+ streams on Spotify thanks to some fairly good playlist placements. The title can be read in several ways, e.g. as a reference to lockdown, social media, or contemporary politics, but it’s also a reference to the musical features of the work (syncopation – apart // chord clusters – together).

Here’s Garreth performing the piece:

You can listen to more of Brooke’s music on his Spotify Channel here.

Here, then, is the sheet music to the beautiful Apart, Together:

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