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Readers who have enjoyed and valued my Recordings of the Month series on Pianodao will no doubt have noticed that they seem to have fallen into abeyance over the past three months.

Listening Together

Regular readers and those who know me will probably have also worked out that their disappearance coincides with the eye trauma and emergency surgery which I had towards the end of last year. I am happy to report that was a complete success, and I have now been discharged from the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

During my time of recuperation I had plenty of opportunity to reflect on the future, including the next steps I take on the Pianodao website. One thing I realised is that having a feature that I write on a monthly schedule is a rather restrictive commitment that I might not always be able to honour, and which had already become something of a pressure to me.

It has always been my priority to encourage players to listen to a wide range of great music, and while my Recordings of the Month features on Pianodao haven’t ultimately established themselves as one of the most distinctive signature elements of the site, they have nevertheless found a loyal following.

Those who enjoy these posts tell me that my recommendations help them to queue up rewarding music on their Spotify and Apple Music playlists. I want to continue cultivating this enthusiastic and informed listening by replacing Recordings of the Month with a new, and I believe potentially more engaging feature within the Pianodao Tea Room community group and via my social media pages.

Weekend Listening will give a mini-review recommendation for members each weekend, encouraging discussion about the music we discover together.

Not only will this provide a more interactive approach, but others can step in with their Weekend Listening recommendations if I am unavailable (phew!) and when they have great discoveries and recommendations to share.

You can find out more about joining our special music-loving community here:

It’s always possible that I will review more recordings here in the future, intermittently, but for now I look forward to sharing recommendations with you in the Tea Room…

Just one other thing though… this still leaves a gap since my last Recording of the Month post, so below you will find the covers of all the piano recordings that I had been planning to include in the series, and which I have been enjoying listening to while recovering from my operation.

Recent Recording Highlights

You can click on any cover image to find more information (via Amazon). And you will easily find these albums on the streaming site, or in the classical music store, of your choice:

Recent Recordings of the Month here on Pianodao:

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