Refreshing the Music Library

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I am really pleased to announce the immediate launch of a fully revised and updated Pianodao Music Library, with significant improvements…

Finding your way…

With hundreds of in-depth reviews, the Pianodao Music Library offers a wealth of repertoire recommendations for players and teachers at all levels.

However, as it has grown, the Library has become difficult to navigate, and it has become increasingly tricky for readers to quickly find top recommendations, matched to their playing level.

The Pianodao Music Library has now therefore been improved in the following ways, making it more useful than ever:

Revised Levels

There are now five, more evenly matched levels for repertoire in the Library, replacing the previous four. Each level generally covers two UK Grade levels, while staying true to internationally understood terminology as follows:

The introduction of the Late Intermediate level as a discrete category clears up a problematic bottleneck, and allows readers to have more confidence in the suitability of music they are purchasing.

As before, educational resources (such as exam materials, method, theory and sight reading books) are also included, as are duets and ensemble music.

Optimised Levelling

Graded series and progressive collections of music may appear at more than one level in the library.

However, in a further improvement that brings more clarity to the Library, single publications usually appear just once, assigned the optimum level at which I would recommend them to my students.

They may include easier pieces that offer ‘quick win’ consolidation, and more challenging pieces which the player will hopefully grow into over time.

Studio Choice

The main web pages for each of the levels (linked above) now list Studio Choice selections for each level.

These lists showcase a variety of publications which my regular students have enjoyed, and which I frequently or particularly recommend, enabling readers to quickly discover top music choices without digging through the whole archive.

Adding to their interest, Studio Choice selections will rotate and be refreshed monthly to ensure they continue to deliver a representative, up to date range of the best music available for players at each level.

The full library includes a far wider and richer selection of titles, and it is strongly recommended that while enjoying the Studio Choice selections as a helpful starting point, readers explore the full list of music reviews, where there really is something for everyone!

And there’s more…

Categorised for your specific playing level, and with top Studio Choice recommendations of the best material, the Pianodao Music Library is truly the place to Discover YOUR Repertoire!

Remember too: new reviews are added to Pianodao every week. To stay on top of what’s new, remember to subscribe for email notifications of fresh content here.

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Andrew Eales

Andrew Eales is the author of HOW TO PRACTISE MUSIC, published worldwide by Hal Leonard. He is a widely respected piano educator and published composer based on Milton Keynes UK.