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Video Feedback Service

Get helpful advice from expert teacher Andrew Eales.
For just £15.00 share a private video of your playing and receive his detailed feedback, informed advice and supportive tips.

The Video Feedback service has been created as an accessible digital alternative to having a short, focussed piano lesson or masterclass with an expert tutor, and the aim is to provide equally helpful feedback in detailed written form.

Your video can include
either up to six minutes of music
or a single piece/movement of any length

You can use this service whenever, from wherever, and however often you like. It’s truly up to you!

You will receive a Feedback Sheet by email, usually within 2-3 working days.

Your critique has actually given me a huge boost in my self-worth as a pianist. I like how specific the suggestions are and therefore easy to follow and apply.” C.H.

The Pianodao Video Feedback Service is useful for:

  • Players from Elementary (Initial Grade) to first Diploma level
  • Pianists preparing for a recital, exam or audition
  • Adult piano players who appreciate occasional professional feedback
  • Self-directed learners who value ad-hoc support from a mentor
  • Any player looking for a fresh perspective or professional feedback
  • Teachers keen for feedback on a specific piano piece

“Excellent written feedback given. Very positive experience. Would highly recommend!” G.H.

Andrew Eales will send your Feedback Sheet via email detailing the strengths of your performance, offering suggestions for improvement, and ideas about future steps.

How to use this service:

  • Choose your music from the Pianodao Music Library.
  • Film your performance. You can use a phone or tablet for this.
  • Upload your video privately. Use the webspace or service of your choice, or ishare personally as an unlisted track on YouTube (get instructions).
  • Apply using the online form below.
  • Pay using your credit card or PayPal account below.

Online Application

Online Payment

Video Feedback



  • Players working with a teacher should consult with them before using this service.
  • If the player is under the age of 18 their parent/carer or teacher (with permission) must make the application on their behalf and introduce the video.
  • The same email address must be used for payment and written feedback.
  • Andrew will only consider your video once payment has been received.
  • If it is not possible to provide feedback within three working days (not including Sundays and UK Bank Holidays), you will be notified and have the choice of a full refund.

Andrew is a Fellow of The Incorporated Society of Musicians, the leading professional association for musicians and teachers.