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Video Feedback Service

Get supportive feedback on your playing from established piano mentor Andrew Eales using Pianodao’s innovative service.

The Pianodao Video Feedback Service is useful for:

  • Players from Elementary (Initial Grade) to first Diploma level
  • Pianists preparing for a recital, exam or audition
  • Any player looking for a fresh perspective or professional feedback
  • Teachers keen for feedback on a specific piano piece or teaching strategy

Share a video with Andrew Eales, and within 48 hours of acceptance and payment, you will receive an email delivering a Feedback Sheet commenting the strengths of your performance, offering suggestions for improvement and ideas about future steps.

All for the price of a haircut!

How to access this service

The Video Feedback Service can be used for any of the music which has been included in the Pianodao Reviews Archive of 300+ repertoire reviews.

You can also receive feedback on any music:

  • from the current UK exam syllabus publications
  • from the standard classical and pedagogic repertoire

Accessing this service is as easy as:

  1. Video your performance (e.g. using your phone or tablet device).
  2. Upload the video file privately as a “unlisted” track on YouTube. This is free, safe, and easy to do (see video below).
  3. The Application Form includes a space to share the link privately with the Pianodao Video Feedback Service.
  4. Assuming you application is accepted, you will receive an invoice via email, and should pay either by online bank transfer or via PayPal to complete your order.
  5. You will then receive a detailed feedback sheet via email, usually within 48 hours.

It’s a simple as that! And in case you are unsure how to upload your video on YouTube, this video shows you how simple it is:

The Cost

The cost of this service depends on the length of your video:

• £20.00 for a video up to 5 minutes long
• £30.00 for a video up to 10 minutes long
• £40.00 for a video up to 15 minutes long
• £60.00 for a video up to 30 minutes long

The price reflects Andrew’s aim to provide specific, detailed feedback to support your learning, based on more than one view of your video.

The feedback you receive is similar to having a personal lesson, but more affordable.