Get Set! Piano Resources

I am delighted that Harper Collins, publishers of the excellent Get Set! Piano tutor books by Karen Marshall and Heather Hammond have agreed to the Pianodao site hosting the many great FREE downloads that the authors produced in support of their book seres.

My in-depth review of Get Set! Piano appeared here last year, and this series has subsequently become the core (but not only!) teaching material for children within my own teaching practice.


Pianodao is a wholly independent site and receives no income, payment or other incentive for hosting these downloads. The site does so purely to add value to the content offered to visitors, and to make sure the materials are easily accessible, with the kind permission of the authors and their publisher.

Karen & Heather received no payment for writing and producing ANY of these materials. They chose to do so purely to support those who could not afford to purchase additional material alongside their method, and as a completely FREE gift to teachers and children around the world.


Simple click on the links from the list below to open the downloads.

Get Set! Piano Tutor Book 1

Get Set! Piano Pieces Book 1

Get Set! Piano Tutor Book 2

Get Set! Piano Pieces Book 2

Additional Resources

Further Information

For more information about Get Set! Piano, visit the publisher’s website, where you can also buy copies.

Karen Marshall regularly writes for Pianodao – you can catch up with all her articles about piano teaching here.