Golden Selections from ABRSM 2019/20

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One of the questions that Karen Marshall and I both get frequently asked by other teachers is this – which pieces do you like best from the exam syllabus?

Sometimes this question counts as general chit-chat, teachers enthusiastically enjoying each others’ company and sharing our stories…

Other times, teachers are keen to know where best to start when exploring the riches of a good examination syllabus…

As ABRSM publish their 2019/20 syllabus, Karen and I are happy to share with you a few starting points, and with this in mind we have produced our Golden Selections, which you can Download FREE using the link below.

These are some of the pieces we would personally choose to play, and will be sharing with our students. But these really are just a starting point – there is a rich panoply of wonderful music contained within the syllabus, and we recommend you download and study the full repertoire lists.

Also, we want to encourage you to create your OWN Golden Selections list, and to that end the printable download includes space for you to do so.


Those preparing for a Grade Exam may be wondering how best to choose your programme.

The good news is that if you simply select one piece from List A, one from List B and one from List C, you will almost certainly arrive at a balanced programme of contrasting works.

ABRSM really must be commended for sticking to their Three List format, because it ensures that all players experience a variety of music from different periods of keyboard history, and discover a range of musical styles and genres. And although you may have particular favourites, it’s also good that when taking exams all candidates do so on the same basis, rather than just playing one style of music.

With that in mind, and whether you are a teacher or a candidate, have FUN exploring this fabulous syllabus, and creating your own Golden Selections!

And for further support, be sure to read the mega-review Karen and I have written of the whole syllabus here.


The Golden Selections download comes in two formats:

pdf-logo  A4 Document [PDF download]

As a PDF document this can be printed to suit your paper size, and takes up two pages (or one double-sided sheet).

pdf-logo  A3 Poster [PDF download]

This can be printed at any size, but the font size is ideal on A3 paper, and it makes a great wall poster!

And be sure to download and study the full repertoire lists from ABRSM to choose your own Golden Selections!

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