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What is Pianodao?

Pianodao is the independent piano education blog of Andrew Eales, a pianist, teacher and writer based in Milton Keynes UK.

Pianodao – The Way of Piano – seeks to inform, inspire and offer practical wisdom for piano players, teachers and students. Built around the metaphor of piano playing as a lifetime journey, the site focuses on our musical development in the context of our broader lives.

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Pianodao has gained much respect as an independent review site, with over 200 reviews covering booksrecordingseducational resources, and a wide range of sheet music suitable for everyone from beginners to professionals.

Guest Authors from around the world have also significantly contributed to the site, sharing their experiences, perspectives, and knowledge here.

More Information:

Pianodao is owned by Keyquest Music, the independent music education consultancy, private teaching practice and creative outlet of pianist, writer and teacher Andrew Eales.

All original material published on this site is copyright 2015-19 Keyquest Music, or guest authors where credited. You are welcome to freely link to and share this material for non-commercial purposes. Please always credit the authors and Pianodao website when doing so.

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