What is Pianodao?

Pianodao – “The Way of Piano” – seeks to inform, inspire and encourage piano players, teachers and students.

Built around the metaphor of piano playing as a lifetime journey, Pianodao (which is pronounced “piano-dow”) focuses on our musical and creative development while also considering our personal well-being.

There are several sections to the site:

1. Andrew Eales

  • First, you can read my biography – the story of my own journey as a pianist so far, my successes as a teacher, writer and composer.
  • Next, find out about my Teaching Practice based in Milton Keynes UK, which is the context of the teaching experience I write about.
  • You can also follow my latest Studio News.

2. The Way of Piano: Blog Articles

The Way of Piano blog articles focus on the specifics of how we learn, teach and play. Articles cover all aspects of our journey as pianists, from how we first learn to read notation and develop our playing skills, right through to performing with confidence, developing creativity, avoiding injury, and our use of the internet.

Reflecting on what it means to be a pianist in today’s world, you will find plenty of advice and support here, as well as profiles and interviews with other pianists.

Guest Authors have contributed some excellent material to Pianodao, and their posts can be found via their special menu link. From the dropdown menu you can find specific writers whose articles interest you.

3. Piano Qigong

Piano Qigong is a dynamic new resource, offering suggestions for applying qigong practice to the needs of piano players.

This will continue to develop as a free resource offering simple breathing and stretching movements and exercises suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.

4. Music & Book Reviews

Pianodao has developed a reputation for balanced, independent reviews of sheet music and educational publications.

There’s a complete list  of the reviews on the site, so that you can quickly find what you are looking for and explore the many publications that I have enjoyed and recommend.

There is also a section for New Recordings, which aims to showcase fresh independent piano compositions alongside established favourites. Where possible, articles offer the chance to listen to recordings directly here on the Pianodao site. Browse piano recordings here.

More Information:

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Pianodao is wholly owned by Keyquest Music, the independent music education consultancy, private teaching practice and creative outlet of pianist, writer and teacher Andrew Eales.

PrintAndrew Eales is an elected member of The Incorporated Society of Musicians, Britain’s leading professional association for musicians and teachers.