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What is Pianodao?

Welcome to the piano education blog of Andrew Eales, a pianist, teacher, mentor and writer based in Milton Keynes UK.

The site is owned by Keyquest Music, Andrew’s independent piano education business and creative outlet.

The aim of Pianodao is to inform, encourage and offer practical wisdom to help and support piano players and teachers.

Building on a vision of piano playing as a lifetime journey, the site focusses on our musical development in the context of our broader lives, with insights from the Ancient Chinese philosophy of Dao (Tao), meaning the Way ...

Pianodao thus explores The Way of Piano.

Pianodao is known to many as a leading independent review site, with over 300 reviews covering booksrecordingseducational resources, and a wide range of sheet music suitable for everyone from beginners to professionals.

Guest Authors from around the world have also significantly contributed to the site, sharing their experiences, perspectives, and knowledge.

With regular updates, fresh original content and the support of a loyal readership, Pianodao has become a leading piano education site.

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How to use this site

Articles published here should be read in the context of your broader journey as a person and as a pianist, and not as a substitute for it.

The Pianodao site offers:

  • opinions for discussion
  • questions for reflection
  • possibilities for experimentation;  and hopefully –
  • inspiration for living a more fulfilling and musical life

The Pianodao site does not purport to provide a comprehensive method of playing or teaching the piano, or of practising qigong. Nor should the lifestyle advice offered here be accepted in isolation. We all need to be discerning, and to root our lives and practice in real world experience and interactions.

Please also understand that the views I express here are not necessarily those of my employers, past, present or future. They have their own sites. And all views are provisional, subject to change as my own journey progresses.

I hope Pianodao offers insights which will bring clarity to your own Way of Piano. If you would like to consult with me privately, please feel free to get in touch.

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Pianodao is owned by Keyquest Music, the independent piano education consultancy and creative outlet of pianist, writer and mentor Andrew Eales. Andrew is a member of The Incorporated Society of Musicians.

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