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Pianodao grows weekly, and as well as being my own online journal, the site features posts by some of the world’s most popular and respected writers about piano playing and music education.

Built around the metaphor of piano playing as a lifetime journey, you will find plenty of articles about playing, teaching, and broader lifestyle issues, along with interviews, stories, and my recommendations of great new resources.

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Why Pianodao?

We pianists know that self-evaluation is crucial to our progress and musical development. When I started teaching, I quickly realised that the same rule applies: one of the best ways I can improve is to continuously reflect on my teaching practice and student response.

Pianodao takes this basic principle and places that process of reflection and evaluation within a much broader context – our journey through life.

When teaching I continue to observe that many of the problems and issues that I and my students grapple with have very little to do with our pianism and musical understanding, and far more to do with our physical limitations, tension, mental state and internal beliefs. The work of a piano teacher can sometimes have as much to do with helping our students to address these issues as it does with conventional pedagogical content.

We all have a life outside of our piano playing, and it is clearly worthwhile considering the connections between our experience of life and our ongoing musical development. But where do we start?

I have found that the philosophical wisdom of Daoism (“Taoism”) and other Eastern traditions can offer fresh perspectives and an insightful approach – one which celebrates inter-connectedness in all things, rather than isolating disconnected specialisms as so often happens in Western thinking.

The more I have studied the wisdom and practices of Daoism, the more they have had a positive impact on my piano playing and teaching, as well as more broadly on my quality of life. The most direct example of this has been is my practice of Qigong breathing and stretching exercises, leading to my ideas for Piano Qigong.

Piano Qigong is a free resource offering simple breathing and stretching movements and exercises suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. These might help you overcome physical and technical obstacles you previously found insurmountable.

Alongside all these broader reflections, which distinguish this from other piano sites, Pianodao of course includes plenty of practical material which directly addresses piano playing, teaching, repertoire and resources.

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