“Autumn is Coming”

Sunday Sounds, 4 October 2015
Andrej Zatkalík:  “Autumn is Coming”

Andrej writes:

This is my piano improvisation from the last summer day.
In first part i play motiff from song from Manowar.
I play on masterkeyboard Kawai VPC1 coupled with VST piano Ravenscroft 275.
Download possible in 96kHz uncompressed sound quality.

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Healing with music

Guest author Simon Reich shares an inspiring personal testimony to the power of music.

With war in Syria, daily muggings, deadlock in the Middle East, domestic violence and escalating racial tensions, we are in desperate need of some good news stories.

Being a creative musician, you may not realize it, but you hold the key to giving the world some peace and inspiration.

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Piano Lessons: why 45 minutes?

During a recent forum discussion I mentioned that I prefer to teach my students for 45 minutes weekly or fortnightly, usually even when they are beginners (more advanced students often come fortnightly, sometimes for up to 90 minutes).

The question was asked,

“45 minutes for somebody on Grade One is a lot, surely?
Isn’t 30 minutes plenty long enough?”

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Dao: a meditation

What is Dao?”

It’s a question that has preoccupied people for millennia. And it is right that we should address it again at regular intervals.

As we enter a new month, and as autumn takes hold in the northern hemisphere and spring returns to the southern, what better time to consider again the eternal question?

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“Voyages en Eau Douce”

Sunday Sounds, 27 September 2015
Patrick Ytting: “Voyage through shallow water”

To kick off this brand new series on the Pianodao website, here’s a wonderful original piano piece from my friend Patrick Ytting…

Patrick Ytting live at a recital at South Hill Park Arts Centre, Berkshire, UK, 3rd Sep 2011.
Recording engineer, Oliver Sadie.
An original piano piece by Patrick Ytting entitled “Voyages en Eau Douce”

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“Grade by Grade”

Sheet Music Review

This innovative new series of books from Boosey & Hawkes makes the bold claim to be “the complete resource for the grade ‘x’ pianist”. But does it live up to its aims?

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