Milton Keynes Piano Lessons

Availability & Cost

The standard fee is £60.00 per month, which is payable at the start of each month. Students choose between receiving:

  • three 30 minute “weekly lessons”
  • two 45 minute “fortnightly lessons”
  • or one 90 minute “consultation lesson”.

Weekly Lessons

Students who sign up for weekly lessons are allocated a regular weekly timetable slot.

Regular weekly lessons are suitable for:

  • Students working towards the earlier Grade examinations
  • Students who value input on a frequent routine basis

In addition to the 30 minute lessons received as part of the Standard Lesson Payment Plan, students can opt for 45 minute lessons weekly, costing £90 for three 45 minute lessons pet month.

This plan is more suitable for”

  • Students working towards music college entrance or school scholarships

Fortnightly Lessons

Students who sign up for fortnightly lessons are allocated a semi-regular timetable slot (alternating with another student). Preferred weeks cannot be guaranteed, and flexibility is essential.

Fortnightly lessons are suitable for:

  • Students who value regular input, but not every week
  • Students who are highly motivated and have an effective practice routine
  • Students who are learning purely for pleasure
  • Adult students juggling a busy lifestyle

Consultation Lessons

The monthly consultation lesson can provide a high impact boost when required, and are suitable for:

  • Highly motivated students who value professional advice on an ad-hoc basis
  • Semi-professionals seeking occasional input and advice
  • Teachers looking for advice and mentorship
  • Musicians working for a specific goal who need particular guidance

Skype Lessons

Andrew also offers lessons via Skype as a substitute for students who are unable to come for lessons at his studio.

Skype lessons are suitable when:

  • Students are unable to attend their regular lesson
  • Students are unwell, but able to learn from home
  • Students have transport difficulties, e.g. during adverse weather

Lessons via skype are not as high impact as personal tuition provided at the studio, but in some cases they provide the best alternative.

Skype consultations are also available for Piano Teachers who wish to consult Andrew for advice or mentoring.

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