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Pianodao Video RECITAL

Pianodao’s Video RECITAL service delivers a fresh approach to bespoke online learning. With unparalleled flexibility, it has never been easier to access high-quality, expert advice on your playing.

Using the Video RECITAL service, players anywhere can share a private video of themselves playing up to four pieces, and receive a detailed constructive feedback sheet, with professional guidance from leading piano educator Andrew Eales.

A Video RECITAL submission can include works which have multiple movements, and these count together as one piece.

Andrew allocates up to an hour for repeated viewing, preparing and sending your detailed Feedback Sheet, which you will receive via email within a week.

PRICE • £40.00

Uploading a simple recording made using your smartphone will allow your playing to shine more than is possible during an online lesson, unspoilt by the audio limitations of a Zoom call or problems with your home WiFi.

With no ongoing contract or costs, this premium quality service provides a fair, musical alternative. Scroll down to find out how to share your video and benefit from this service. Then use the online application and payment below to apply.

The Basics…

Using the Video RECITAL service, you can share a video including up to four pieces. If you would just like feedback on one piece, please use Pianodao’s Video SINGLE service here.

Please note that at diploma level, works with multiple movements can count as one piece for the purposes of this service.

You can talk during your video, for example to ask questions or demonstrate specific problems you want help with in more detail.

You can include any music from the vast Pianodao Music Library, from the core classical repertoire, grade exam or diploma syllabus. Some have even used the service to get feedback on their own compositions or improvisation.

If in doubt, feel free to Contact Andrew first. You may be asked to provide a copy/image of the score for use in assessing your playing, via return email.

The service is suitable for:

  • Players from Intermediate to Diploma level
  • Pianists preparing for a recital, festival, exam or audition
  • Adult piano players seeking professional feedback
  • Self-directed learners wanting ad-hoc support
  • Any player looking for a fresh perspective
  • Teachers keen for feedback on a specific piano piece

How it Works…

Accessing the service is easy. Simply follow these steps:

  • Film your performance. You can use a phone or tablet for this.
  • If you wish to, you can ask any specific questions you have, either in the video or using the form below.
  • Upload your video to the webspace, file transfer or messaging service of your choice, or share as an unlisted track on YouTube
  • If we are connected on Facebook, you can send your video via Messenger. In the URL box below, please write “”
  • Apply using the online form below
  • Pay using your credit card or PayPal account below

You will receive your in-depth written Feedback Sheet by email within a few days, detailing the strengths of your performance, offering suggestions for improvement, and ideas about future steps.

Application Form

Online Payment

• Please make your payment via PayPal or credit card.
• Credit Card payments are processed via PayPal, but you can use the Guest Checkout without registering.

Video Recital