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Pianodao Reviews Policy

Pianodao has developed a reputation for balanced, independent reviews of books, recordings, sheet music, educational publications and resources.

The purpose of publishing reviews here is:

  • To recommend useful resources which will help readers pursue their piano journey, whether as players, enthusiasts, or teachers.
  • To help readers develop critical thinking about the resources we use.
  • To advise players and teachers about how best to use new resources.
  • To inform readers of major initiatives within the piano community.
  • To support and help promote upcoming pianists, composers and writers.

Materials may be submitted for review on the following understanding:

Reviews may appear in the form of an individual blog post, a group overview of numerous products, a mention within another article, and/or a promotion via the Pianodao social media channels. All reviews are fully independent, written in accordance with the aims of the site as stated above.

Review materials become the sole property of Keyquest Music upon receipt. They are used primarily for the purpose of writing reviews, which may include using them for personal education and performance, and piloting them with students. They are never sold or otherwise commercially redistributed. After a review is written the materials remain the property of Keyquest Music, are passed on to students or teachers where appropriate and without charge, are stored, or are disposed of. Review materials are never returned to their original provider unless agreed in advance, and at the cost of the provider.

Images: it is assumed unless otherwise advised that Pianodao may publish images of or derived from products alongside reviews. Any copyright images available for use in published reviews should be supplied via email and permission for their use is assumed. Where images aren’t provided, Pianodao will create original images, and those images will be copyright © Keyquest Music.

Guarantee: receipt of review materials by Keyquest Music neither implies nor guarantees that a review will be published in any format.


  • Unless otherwise stated, reviews on the Pianodao site are written by the site owner Andrew Eales.
  • Reviews are rarely written in isolation. Usually they are discussed with at least one other colleague – and sometimes multiple colleagues – prior to publication.
  • Some reviews include a more public “second opinion” in which the co-author is credited.
  • Where possible all products reviewed are “road tested” with students and teachers within the context of Andrew’s private teaching practice and creative outlet, Keyquest Music.


All reviews published on Pianodao are copyright © 2015-17 Keyquest Music, or Guest Authors where credited.

Authors, composers, producers and publishers of review materials are welcome to quote from Pianodao reviews within their marketing and publicity, provided that the author and/or Pianodao website are properly credited alongside the quote.


Reviews on Pianodao contain both facts and opinion.

  • In the case of the former, please contact Andrew Eales and let him know as soon as you become aware of any factual error, and it will be corrected at the earliest opportunity.
  • In the case of the latter, opinions are just that – one person’s view of a thing. Please bear that in mind when reading reviews here. Always seek another opinion before purchasing a product recommended here. And please bear in mind the advice given on the page How to Use this Site.
  • Opinions expressed by Guest Authors may not be those of the site owner.

Pianodao does not include reviews where the author has any vested interest or personal involvement without including a full disclaimer within the main text.

For further information about this policy, to suggest improvements to it, or if you wish to submit a product for review here, please contact Andrew:


PrintAndrew Eales is an elected member of The Incorporated Society of Musicians, Britain’s leading professional association for musicians and teachers.
He is also a member of the European Piano Teachers’ Association.