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Recordings of the Month

Recording of the Month shines a spotlight on recent recordings which I have particularly enjoyed and highly recommend.

Each month there are many dozens of new piano recordings, only a few of which I will encounter. Among those, some recordings particularly inspire or move me, or pique my musical and creative interest.

After a few years selecting one recording each month, from May 2022 the monthly feature includes a headline new recording as well as recommending a selection of other top recent releases, so covering a wider range of artists and styles.

Recent Recordings of the Month here on Pianodao:

To be included here a recording must be commercially available, which I generally define as existing both to stream on Apple Music, and to purchase as a CD album from Amazon UK.

The selection is entirely personal – but I am keen to include the broadest range of musical styles, tastes, and new discoveries, believing this best serves the diverse readership of the Pianodao site.

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