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Repertoire: Beginner

Pianodao has developed a reputation for balanced, independent reviews. If you are looking for fresh publications of good solo piano music, here are some that I have recently enjoyed reviewing.

BEGINNER sheet music covers up to around UK Grade 1 level, and includes Method Books.

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Method Books:

Karen Marshall & Heather Hammond:
“Get Set! Piano” series


“How often have we struggled to find the spark that ignites a young child’s musical imagination and switches them on to a lifetime of loving and learning music? Get Set! Piano will, I believe make it easier than ever before to ignite that early enthusiasm while laying the very best foundations for an ongoing musical education.”

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Hans-Günter Heumann:
Piano Junior

Heumann Piano Junior

Piano Junior has in many respects raised the bar, in some ways perhaps even setting a new standard by which piano courses for children will be judged.”

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Repertoire Spotlight:

ABRSM: Piano Star

ABRSM Piano Star

“I do urge you to have a look at “Piano Star”, because I believe ABRSM have done a tremendous job of the books, and that they offer something genuinely fresh and really brilliant for young players.”

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Béla Bartók: First Term at the Piano

First Term at the Piano Bartók

“Quite simply, this combination of an excellent edition, exemplary supporting notes, brilliant pedagogic analysis, creative teaching ideas, and superb video content raises the bar in terms of outstanding teaching material.”

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Ben Crosland: Magic Beans

Magic Beans

“The ‘Beans’ publications establish Ben Crosland as a major voice in educational composing. The whole series is outstanding, and ‘Magic Beans’ easily lives up to the very high standards set by its predecessors.”

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June Armstrong: Safari – Adventures for Piano


Safari can be strongly recommended to teachers looking for inventive repertoire and a fresh stimulus for creative teaching.”

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Easy Concert Pieces 1


“Looking at the first half of the book, which contains 21 pieces all within five-note ranges, I was immediately struck by the variety and quality on offer here …  including gems that I am now eager to teach!”

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100 Totally Mad Really Easy Piano Songs for Kids

100 Totally Mad Songs

“It is without doubt one of the most innovative and imaginative alternatives to the conventional Tutor Book approach that I’ve come across.”

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