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Repertoire: Elementary

Pianodao has developed a reputation for balanced, independent reviews. If you are looking for fresh publications of good solo piano music, here are some that I have recently enjoyed reviewing.

ELEMENTARY sheet music is around UK Grade 1-3 level.

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Spotlight Selection:

Pam Wedgwood:  Jazzin’ About the Year 


“What child isn’t excited by the changing seasons, special events that occur each year, and the festivals celebrated in homes, schools and communities?
Pam Wedgwood amplifies that excitement with pieces that are inventive, memorable, and above all, FUN to play.”

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Hans-Günter Heumann:  Fantasy Piano


“Everything here just works – One reason that I particularly like this book is that, in my experience, tapping into players’ imaginations can unlock expressivity and creativity in their performance.”

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Alison Mathews: Treasure Trove


“For the player between Grade 2-4, the pieces here provide well-written contemporary material that will delight at the same time as consolidating progress and inspiring musicianship. Treasure Trove is truly a gem!”

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Easy Concert Pieces (Book 2)


“Overall I think they are likely to become standard collections used in my own teaching practice in the coming months.”

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The Definitive Bartók Edition


“As an educational composer, Bartók of course remains in a class of his own…. Please buy these books without hesitation!”

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Barbara Arens:  21 Amazingly Easy Pieces


“The ’21 Amazingly Easy Pieces’ in my view fulfil their aim brilliantly, and are a great addition to the beginner-to-elementary repertoire.”

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Paul Harris:  A Piece a Week


“A Piece a Week: Grade 3 is simply brilliant, and I can recommend it without any reservation. An essential purchase.”

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A Piece a Week (Grades 1-2)

Ultimate Easy Piano Songlist


“It is not easy to find well-thought out popular song arrangement for pianists at this level, and this publication is certainly one of the best attempts I have seen to do so. It deserves to be hugely successful.”

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Bonislava Taneva:  Sound Stories

Bonislava Taneva Sound Stories review

“I really enjoyed the pieces on offer here – it is hugely appealing and seems to me a contemporary response to the children’s pieces of Béla Bartók… Warmly recommended.”

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