RSL Awards

In their own words…

RSL Awards are one of the leading global awarding bodies for contemporary music and arts, rewarding students of all ages with graded qualifications in over 45 countries.

Starting with graded exams in Guitar, Bass and Drums from a small office in South West London in 1991, RSL Awards has expanded to provide qualifications that support students both inside and outside the classroom across music, drama, dance and digital media.

Their core philosophy is to provide academically-rigorous and industry-relevant qualifications which support creative artists in finding their voice and making great progress.

What We Offer

Graded Music Exams (from Premiere – Grade 8):
inc. Classical Piano, Contemporary Piano, Keys, Music Production, Theory.

There are three types of Graded Music Exam:
• Performance Certificate (five pieces only)
• Graded Music Exam (three pieces, technical exercises and Unseen Tests)
• Graded Music Certificate (three pieces, technical exercises) – Recorded Digital only

…and they can be taken in the following formats:
• Face to Face (at a public exam centre or through a private day)
• Live-streamed (as a virtual private day or direct from home)
• Recorded Digital 

All music exams can include Free Choice Pieces benchmarked at the appropriate level, including repertoire from other exam boards. This includes Contemporary pieces in a Classical exam and vice versa should the candidate wish.

Creative Qualifications (from Debut – Grade 8):
Vlogging, Podcasting

Vocational Qualifications (from Level 1 – 5):
• Music Practitioners (Performance, Composition and Technology, Business pathways)
• Creative and Performing Arts
• Creative Digital Media
• Creative Practitioners
• Creative Music Industries

Professional Diplomas
• Level 4 (DipRSL): Creative Enterprise, Performing, Teaching pathways
• Level 6 (LRSL): Creative Enterprise, Performing, Teaching pathways

All Graded Piano and Keys exams are supported by books containing everything needed for the exam and available as follows:
• Hard copy with digital downloads of exemplar audio and backing tracks
• Digital copy with our interactive sheet music player, Replay
• Learning Platform: FREE for teachers through connection to a student with a paid subscription

Our instrument-specific pages provide access to a free downloadable Sample Pack which sets out the benchmarking criteria and samples of the repertoire at each grade.

The Classical Piano pages also contain videos to introduce you to Classical Piano and advice on the pedagogical approaches that can be taken when approaching the syllabus for the first time.

Our news pages provide advice and guidance on a range of topics, including setting up for online exams, dealing with exam nerves and preparing for exam in general.

Our Recent News

  • In 2020 we launched our RSL Classical Piano syllabus
  • In Autumn 2021, we will be launching our RSL Violin syllabus and our refreshed Vocals syllabus
  • In Autumn 2021, we will be launching the Institution Management function of our Learning Platform, enabling organisations to manage the accounts of their teachers and the subscriptions of all their students
  • Teachers wishing to promote themselves or their organisation can set up a free profile on our Teacher Registry. This is a fully searchable map by instrument and location, with the option of setting up either as an individual teacher or as an institution.
  • The RSL on Tour sessions enable us to visit your centre either virtually or in person to take you through our syllabus materials and exam options.

The Piano Syllabus

The RSL Classical Piano syllabus can be downloaded here.

“RSL’s first attempt at a classical syllabus is in my honest opinion a genuine masterstroke, delivering the modern approach to traditional piano assessment that many teachers have been asking for, while offering a realistic two-way bridge with their contemporary music assessments.”

Read the Full Review here.

RSL Awards are also responsible for the Rockschool Piano Syllabus,:

“For pianists interested in an approach and syllabus exclusively focussed on success in commercial popular styles, this one clearly deserves a look; it sets the bar high. Meanwhile those who fancy a detour or diversion will likely find much here to educate, inspire and enthuse them.”

Read the Full Review Here

User Feedback: N/A

Having only launched in the last few months, there is insufficient user feedback to give here. However, if you have tried the RSL Classical exams, please leave your own review below. Thank you!

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RSL Awards

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