The Mosaic Series

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Mosaic is a series currently comprising four music books, each showcasing fresh and varied repertoire newly commissioned and composed by piano educators from around the world.

The pieces are loosely graded, arranged in order of difficulty, compiled as books suitable for elementary, intermediate and advanced players, and published by Editions Musica Ferrum. A fifth book (reaching towards Grade 8 level) is currently planned.

I am honoured to be one of the composers featured in all four books, alongside such well-established names as Barbara Arens, Ben Crosland, June Armstrong and others.

The collections are a natural addition to the Pianodao Music Library, and while I obviously cannot ‘review’ them in quite the usual way, this article will introduce the series with an overview of the concept, several recordings, and hopefully sufficient information for readers to decide whether to take a closer look.

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FREE! Christine Artemis Pappa: Baby Rag


Baby Rag is a riot of fun, and comes from the colourfully varied early intermediate collection Mosaic 3, recently published by Musica Ferrum as part of this growing, progressive series.

Christine Artemis Pappa points out in her introduction to the piece that the stride left hand leaps and right hand sixths could prove challenging for some, but I think any player by around Grade 4 will be able to have lots of fun playing this jauntily syncopated and memorably melodic skit. Note that quaver/eighth notes here are meant to be swung.

You can catch a few bars of this piece in this promotional video, which also reveals the range and character of the Mosaic 3 book:

The Mosaic series is available from Musicroom here, and digital copies and site licenses are as ever available directly from Musica Ferrum here.

Here’s your FREE sheet music download of Baby Rag to enjoy:

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