The Pianodao Tea Room

The Pianodao site has steadily grown over the last three years to become an established professional resource for piano players and teachers.

Pianodao is free to readers, but running the site, writing and adding regular new content takes time and effort. Would you therefore consider becoming a regular supporter who sponsors the site for as little as just £2.00 a month?

The Pianodao Tea Room is an online club for regular supporters.

It’s my way of saying “Thank You”, while also offering a few exclusive extras:

  • a private community for discussing piano playing, teaching and living;
  • previews and input into forthcoming Pianodao articles/reviews;
  • additional reviews and content not directly published on Pianodao;
  • links to more great content and opinion from around the internet.

The Pianodao Tea Room is hosted as a Facebook community group, so you will need a Facebook account to join. Membership numbers are carefully limited, with a focus on creating a private and safe environment.

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