The 2022 Top Twenty

Looking back at the most popular posts of the year …

Each year as December arrives I look back and take stock of which posts struck a chord, a nerve, or otherwise gained traction over the preceding months. And it’s not mere vanity to do so. Understanding the data that a busy site such as Pianodao can offer (albeit with caveats) casts some light on the bigger picture of what is trending in the wider piano education community.

Many of us have noted that the internet has become a little quieter since the height of the pandemic. Understandably so. But nevertheless, in a year of rapid change Pianodao still succeeded in welcoming around a quarter of a million visits, and from well over 100 countries.

Such figures would be considered modest for a commercial organisation, but Pianodao remains my independent, personal blog site, 100% my own work, supported by occasional reader donations (yes, that’s a hint!). I am constantly astonished and truly humbled that so many look to the site for information, advice and enjoyment.

As a writer I could focus on my immediate community, telling readers “what is hot, and what is not” in my piano studio. That would have its own value. But analysing the interests of a wider readership helps me to provide content with broader relevance, address issues that players, teachers and enthusiasts around the world can relate to, and review music which has importance and interest beyond my immediate personal orbit.

So what did readers find most interesting? As usual, it included much of the Pianodao archive of 600+ older posts. Topical though many of these remain, the countdown which follows includes fresh 2022 content only.

Of more than 100 new articles posted over the last 12 months, let’s find out which ones made the strongest mark…

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