Music, Mind, Movement – Summer Course in London

Music, Mind and Movement is the theme of an exciting five-day taking place in London this Summer, led by Lucinda Mackworth-Young.

Lucinda is known to many readers as the Course Director for the EPTA Piano Teacher’s Course, and as the author of the classic Tuning In: Practical Psychology for Musicians and Piano by Ear – about which I wrote in my review here:

“Perhaps the most genuinely useful and important piano education resource published in a while, “Piano by Ear” is an absolutely essential purchase for every pianist. Be sure to get yourself a copy and dig in – you won’t regret it!”

The course will no doubt draw on the varied expertise evident in both those publications. Here’s more information about the course…

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EPTA Piano Teachers’ Course

I am delighted to tell readers that I have accepted an invitation to join the Principal Tutor team for the European Piano Teachers’ Association (EPTA) UK Piano Teachers’ Course.

I will be joining the esteemed colleagues that I am pictured with above (photo by Jennie Parke Matheson) – from the left, Ilga Pitkevica, Sally Cathcart, me, Lucinda Mackworth-Young, Graham Fitch and Heli Ignatius-Fleet.

The PTC is a part-time course, designed to suit those with other commitments, running with the academic year from October through to June. It consists of four residential weekends, two single Sundays and independent study and assignments spread throughout the year.

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Lucinda Mackworth-Young: “Piano by Ear”

Lucinda Mackworth-Young’s new book “Piano by Ear” fills a massive gap in the market. Here’s my review :

Quite simply this is the book that I, and no doubt many other thousands of pianists and teachers, have been waiting for. For years!

I even considered writing something like it myself at one point, back at the time my own Keyquest books for electronic keyboard were just out. But thank goodness – Lucinda Mackworth-Young has saved us all the effort, and has certainly done a far better job of it than I would ever have done!

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