The Piano Player: Classical Favourites

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Less than three months after Faber Music launched ‘The Piano Player’ (a plush new series of intermediate piano solo collections) with British Classics (reviewed here) they are back with the second instalment.

The Piano Player: Classical Favourites features “20 of the most popular pieces of classical music”, some originals but mostly arrangements. And in line with the signature style of this new series, the publication is beautifully presented sporting the lush artwork of Edward Bawden (1905-1989)…

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Your Story: Luke Freeman

Readers share with us their own piano journey.
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My name is Luke Freeman, 28 from Burntwood in Staffordshire: Piano improviser, composer and barbershop singer. I would like to share my reflections on past experiences, how they have shaped where I am today as a pianist.

It’s often said that we are the product of every choice we have ever made. But I would like to also put forward that we are the product of every choice we didn’t make. There will always be forces outside of our control and learning to accept that which we cannot control is as important as making the right choice when we can. This is the framework on which my story hangs.

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