Paul Birchall’s Daily Expressions

Products featured here are selected for review by ANDREW EALES

Fresh from the Elena Cobb Star Prize Festival event in London earlier this week, I am continuing my survey of the superb catalogue of piano music published by EVC Music, much of which I have previously reviewed here.

Among the publications which I have previously featured on this site, and a highlight of the EVC catalogue, I was super-impressed with Paul Birchall’s excellent Blues, Boogie, Jazz and more collection, several pieces from which appeared in the Star Prize Festival programme this year.

Birchall’s two collections of Daily Expressions, published a few years ago, make another worthy (if belated) addition to the Pianodao Music Library.

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Paul Harris Webinar: A Piece a Week

Products featured here are selected for review by ANDREW EALES

Paul Harris’s Piece a Week series has been among the triumphs of recent years. In my own teaching these books have become a staple with students of all ages, and the number one top sight reading resource that I recommend and use. I have reviewed the books for Grade 1-6 here and for Initial Grade here.

Now Faber Music bring us a combined book covering Grades 7 and 8, which completes the series. The book maintains the educational approach and musical engagement of its predecessors, so for more information please be sure to read those previous reviews.

The final book well and truly lives up to the sky-high standards of the rest in the series, and is in my view truly superb.

To give you a taste, Faber Music have generously provided this FREE piece from the book as an exclusive Pianodao download:

And now for Paul Harris in person…

Faber Music kindly organised a special webinar for Pianodao Music Club members, celebrating the new release and giving him the opportunity to outline the series in person, introduce the final book, play some of the pieces, and answer questions. For those who missed it, I am pleased to share the full webinar recording below.

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Here is the recording…

To use the special promotional code announced by Rachel Topham in the webinar, here is the Faber Music online purchase link.

The Piece a Week series is available now from music retailers everywhere.

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