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The Keyquest Books

Keyquest is a unique series of four electronic keyboard tutor books which provide progressive material from beginner right through to advanced level.

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Although the Keyquest series is suitable for any and all aspiring keyboard players, whenever and wherever they are taught, the material has been carefully tailored to be used in conjunction with  A Common Approach and relate to the first four Programmes of Study.

The books have found particular popularity among all teachers committed to giving their students a thorough, musical introduction to playing an instrument, and student really enjoy learning the fun, varied and original music included throughout.

The series is ideal for group teaching, as the skills and understanding introduced in each unit are common to all, while the choice of pieces from the unit and rate of progress may vary between pupils, allowing for suitable differentiation.

“Thorough and informative, in a bright readable style and easy to follow with a selection of new and familiar tunes to experiment with.”

Music Teacher magazine review, March 2001

The books are also ideal for those wishing to take the ABRSM Music Medals for electronic keyboard, and contain selected solo pieces for every one of the five Medals available. Andrew Eales was a leading consultant in the creation of Music Medals, and contributed to the ABRSM Keyboards Together books.

But of course, the Keyquest books provide excellent musical material whatever you use them as a complete structured method, or in conjunction with any other curriculum!

What is included?

The Keyquest books:

  • Introduce all the features of the modern digital keyboard, making the most of the exciting auto-accompaniment styles available to today’s players
  • develop music reading skills effectively, avoiding the errors commonly found in keyboard tutors (such as excessive fingering and note names). This includes a progressive introduction of the treble clef, chord notation, and the bass clef.
  • include a varied mix of well known tunes, original pieces in popular styles, and a number of ensemble pieces.
  • encourage creativity through developing arrangements of pieces, using keyboard registrations effectively, improvising within pieces, and composing
  • foster good playing technique, including introducing major, minor and pentatonic scales and arpeggios
  • introduce chords effectively, starting with single-finger major triads and moving to full chords and ultimately a comprehensive range of chord extensions, bringing an advanced understanding of popular harmony.

The Keyquest Books are available from music shops and online music retailers. A list of selected stockists is also published on the Publisher’s Website here.

For bulk orders, educational and trade sales please contact the publisher directly.