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Pathways for Living

Many of the problems and issues that I and my students grapple with have very little to do with our pianism and musical understanding, and rather more to do with our physical limitations, tension, mental state and internal beliefs.

We all have a life outside of our piano playing, and it is clearly worthwhile considering the connections between our experience of life and our ongoing musical development. But where do we start?

One of my initial reasons for starting the Pianodao site was to reflect on our journey as pianists in the broader context of our journey through life.

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Interviews & Profiles

The Way of Piano is unique to each of us.

Every one of us has a story to tell: of how we discovered our love for music, the part that piano playing has played in our lives, and what our attachment to the instrument truly means to us. Pianodao includes a variety of Interviews in which pianists talk about their journey, as well as occasional profiles of great musicians.

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Your Stories

Your Stories is a beautiful and unique collection of autobiographical sketches by pianists from around the world, and from all walks of life, building into a wonderful tableaux of experiences that offer encouragement, inspiration, empathy and enjoyment.

Your Stories includes personal testimonies which will make you laugh, cry, reflect, and celebrate. Above all, reading these stories, shared by fellow pianists, will be a tremendous blessing to you.

You can even submit your own story for inclusion – and I hope that you will!

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