Pathways for Living

Many of the problems and issues that I and my students grapple with have very little to do with our pianism and musical understanding, and rather more to do with our physical limitations, tension, mental state and internal beliefs.

We all have a life outside of our piano playing, and it is clearly worthwhile considering the connections between our experience of life and our ongoing musical development. But where do we start?

One of my initial reasons for starting the Pianodao site was to reflect on our journey as pianists in the broader context of our journey through life.

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Some Highlights

The Pianist’s Motivations
This article consider the many and complex motivations we all experience in life, focussing in on the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivations, and how each pertains to our piano playing.
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The Pianist’s Kindness
How can we encourage the piano community to be a kinder one? As always, the answer must begin with ourselves …
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The Pianist’s Overthinking
If we overthink an upcoming performance, this can undoubtedly contribute to performance anxiety. And in the same way, if we overthink life in general, this can have a significant and debilitating effect on our whole lives.
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The Pianist’s Self-Compassion
Guest author Frances Wilson explains how self-kindness helps us cease the self-evaluation and critical assessment, the negative self-talk, asking “am I good enough”, comparing ourselves to others and the subsequent feelings inadequacy.
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Is Mindfulness Relevant to Piano Playing?
Guest author Doug Hanvey explains how mindfulness techniques can be used to enhance piano playing, teaching and learning.
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The Fermata Series

The Fermata Series offers readers the opportunity to hit the PAUSE button – in our music-making, and in our lives – for a few brief moments.

Regular posts in the Fermata Series offer short, pithy quotes from an unexpected range of sources – from pianists and teachers, poets and philosophers – in the hope that they will be a catalyst for self-reflection and contemplation.

The Fermata Series may also include music clips – with or without piano – which can be used as a soundtrack for our reflection.

Nestled among the many more practical posts, playing and teaching tips and Pianodao reviews, the Fermata Series aims to bring beauty to Pianodao and to our lives.

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