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Pathways for Living

We pianists know that self-evaluation is crucial to our progress and musical development.

Pianodao takes this basic principle and places the process of reflection within a much broader context: our journey through life.

We all have a life outside of our piano playing. It is clearly worthwhile considering the connections between our experience of life and our ongoing musical development. But where do we start?

I have found that the philosophical wisdom of Daoism (“Taoism”) and other Eastern traditions can offer fresh perspectives and an insightful approach: one which celebrates inter-connectedness in all things, rather than isolating disconnected specialisms as so often happens in Western thinking.

Articles here explore this intersection, as well as focusing on our broader lives using a range of perspectives, traditions and contemporary insights.

Recent Articles:

The Pianist’s Limits

“It is certainly not negative, lacking in faith or discouraging to recognise, wisely, that we all have limitations. On the contrary: it is foolish, arrogant and self-defeating to think otherwise…”

The Pianist’s Behaviour

With the majority of relationships evolving exclusively online over the last year or so, it’s no surprise that some are now experiencing some anxiety about learning to relate in the “real world” again.

How do we hit the “reset button”?

Piano Playing Covid

The Post-Pandemic Piano Player

As we emerge from the current pandemic, what will we all have learnt? How will we have changed in general, and as piano players?

Making Peace with your Inner Musician

“Those who are motivated only by desire for the fruits of action are miserable, for they are constantly anxious about the results of what they do.” Bhagavad Gita.

To what extent do ‘results’ cause anxiety in your life?

How do we make peace with our inner musician?

Adapting to Change

Change sometimes takes us by surprise, a bolt from the blue, and in the early months of 2020 we have all experienced such a jolt to our way of life as countries around the world quickly followed each other into lockdown.

The Pianist’s Self-Care

In this post I will consider some basic elements of self-care from a Daoist (Taoist) perspective in the hope that readers will find some helpful suggestions, and that each of us can enjoy a piano journey that reflects an easier, more connected and settled experience of life…

The Pianist’s Imperfection

If we could all, as piano players and teachers, have a lighter spirit and be kinder to ourselves and each other, I rather suspect that we would find that our pursuit of excellence and our appreciation of the beauty within “imperfection” actually go very nicely hand in hand…

The Pianist’s Air

Those visiting our studios are trusting us with their health and wellbeing. But how fascinating that, in addition to the health imperatives of clean air, we are now seeing a direct link and impact it has on teaching and learning…

The Pianist’s Resolution

The start of any new year or season is for many a time for making resolutions: for ambition, grit and determination.

But what are the ingredients of perseverance which will foster that success?

Paul Harris: Cancer and Positivity

Replete with Paul’s trademark intellectual curiosity and thought-provoking insight at every turn, Cancer and Positivity is ultimately a warm and hugely inspiring account of one man’s triumph over adversity.


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