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Pianodao advocates a repertoire-rich approach to piano teaching, with a core focus on helping pupils develop their own lifelong enthusiasm for music.

This goal is predicated on nurturing an intrinsic love of music, rather than needing to depend heavily on extrinsic motivations such as competitions and exams. Play is the single most powerful vehicle for learning, and is at the heart of what it means to be alive.

Underpinning this, Pianodao promotes awareness and understanding of the three treasures of musical learning, which together (and in correct balance) promote success at the piano: musical essence, technique and understanding.

The ultimate aim of the best music education is for our students to develop into musicians with an Active Repertoire of pieces that they enjoy playing and can share with confidence and ownership.

For those new to the site (or to teaching piano), here are some of the articles which address the foundational concepts underpinning Andrew’s teaching and the philosophy of the site:

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