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Alongside my own articles, several other leading teachers have written especially for Pianodao, expanding the range of insight. Contributors include best-selling authors Karen Marshall, Paul Harris, and many more!

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Some Highlights

The Three Treasures of Musical Learning
In this article I explain what the Three Treasures are, and offer some tips on how reflecting on them can help us develop as effective teachers.
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“Sound Before Symbol” – Lessons from History
The first important thing to emphasise about teaching “sound before symbol” is that the aim is not to reduce the use of notation, but to musically empower it. So how does this work?
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Personalised Learning
Learning to play a musical instrument is a highly personalised experience. In this post we’ll consider why that is true, and what it means in practice…
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The Problem with Method Books
In this post I explain why there will never be a truly perfect Method Book, consider the well-rounded curriculum, and hopefully come away with a better idea of how to use Method Books in a sensible, balanced way.
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The Playful Piano Teacher
Do you enjoy your work? I mean – really enjoy it, all the time? This article looks at how you and your students might discover fresh enjoyment of lessons – and more effective learning in the process!
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Why Bother with Scales?
Scales learning can become connected to, and tremendously strengthen, all the other aspects of musical learning. Here’s how…
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Graded Exams: Friend or Foe?
While exams are certainly not without their issues, most of the concerns I see raised relate more to their misuse than to their appropriate use. In this article I will consider both, and offer a personal perspective on some of the most common concerns.
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Lesson Planning: A Voyage of Discovery
Guest Author Paul Harris explores how lessons might best unfold, offering an alternative perspective on the type of planning that is most effective.
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Let’s Talk about Practice Expectations
Lack of practice is an issue that most piano players grapple with at some point – and it is something that teachers don’t always handle graciously and with understanding…
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