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Pathways for Teaching

Welcome to the dedicated page for piano teachers, bringing together useful resources and helpful articles.

Pianodao advocates for a repertoire-rich approach to teaching the piano, with a core focus on helping pupils develop their own lifelong enthusiasm for music. This goal is predicated on nurturing intrinsic motivation (the player’s love of music) rather than relying heavily on extrinsic motivations (such as exams, competitions and rewards), which research suggests can mitigate against the development of an ongoing interest in music.

Underpinning this emphasis on a repertoire-rich approach, Pianodao promotes awareness and understanding of the three treasures of musical learning, which together (and in correct balance) promote success at the piano: musical essence, technique and understanding.

The ultimate aim, practically, for any student is to develop an Active Repertoire of pieces that they enjoy playing and can share with confidence and ownership.

For those new to the site (or to teaching piano), there are a number of foundational concepts that underpin the teaching philosophy of the site.

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