What Adult Piano Method?


Looking through these different adult-appropriate method books, and several more besides (which didn’t make it into this round-up) has left me excited by the range of good resources at our disposal.

For the learner who needs a methodical approach, The Classical Piano Method and the Hal Leonard Adult Piano Method are ideal, and cater for players with different musical tastes.

Meanwhile, for the faster learner wanting a more challenging pace, I think that Pianoworks remains for me the clear choice, although It’s Never Too Late to Play Piano is also an attractive alternative.

The other alternatives listed in this round up all have something valuable and unique to offer adult learners, so hopefully there is something here for everyone!

The good piano teacher will actively use and promote a range of methods to suit the specific needs of each student. And when it comes to adult learners, that range is larger than ever!

I really hope that the suggestions offered in this year’s What Adult Piano Method feature will help you explore new musical method and enlarge your skills and understanding.

And I’ll be back with an update for 2020 this time next year!

Until then … enjoy Pianodao, the Way of Piano!

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