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Active Repertoire Challenge

Active Repertoire is the music we can play any time, any place. These are the pieces we can perform without notice, without any embarrassment, and often from memory.

We often fret about the things we can’t do, the music we can’t play. It can lead to a negative spiral that leaves us feeling defeated and deflated. But what if we recalibrated our expectations and turned our focus positively towards what we can do, and what we can play?

The Active Repertoire Challenge is all about rediscovering our enthusiasm for playing our favourite pieces, developing confidence, and even sharing the music we enjoy the most with others,

The challenge encourages piano players to develop their own Active Repertoire of three or four pieces which can be played any time, any place: Without Notice, Without Notation, and Without Embarrassment.

Take up the challenge, download your FREE Active Repertoire Challenge sheet, and make a decision that will change your piano journey forever!

By making Active Repertoire our top priority, we can:

  • start our practice sessions positively, with music that we enjoy playing
  • more quickly memorise our favourite pieces
  • overcome our anxiety and feel more at ease playing to others

The Active Repertoire concept is modelled on the goals and practices of successful performers worldwide, and built on the fundamental pedagogic values espoused by the greatest educators, right up to the present day.

Crucially, the Challenge offers an approach which aims to foster a lifelong love of music by developing intrinsic motivation, rather than the extrinsic motivation that underpins grades, competitions and tick-box progress sheets.

Are you ready to take part?
If so, head straight to the Getting Started Guide…

Your Active Repertoire is at the heart of your piano journey!

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