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Along the Way of Piano

Playing the piano is a lifetime journey, and hopefully an important part of our bigger journey through life.

Along the Way of Piano blog posts explore this journey in depth, covering a wide and sometimes discursive range of topics.

These themes are explored by clicking on these inter-connected “pathways” to discover the site’s unique perspective and exclusive free content:

Overlapping with these pathways, short reflective posts which probe their intersection regularly appear in the fermata series.

We pianists know that self-evaluation is crucial to our progress and musical development. Pianodao takes this basic principle and places the process of reflection within a much broader context – our journey through life.

Many of the problems and issues that we grapple with have very little to do with our pianism and musical understanding, and far more to do with our physical limitations, tension, mental state and internal beliefs.

The work of a piano teacher can sometimes have as much to do with helping students to address these issues as it does with conventional pedagogical content.

This is why Pianodao takes a broad view of The Way of Piano.

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