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Video Feedback Service

Pianodao’s Video Feedback Service delivers a fresh approach to bespoke online learning. With unparalleled flexibility, it has never been easier to access high-quality, expert advice on your playing.

Using the Video Feedback Service, players anywhere can share a private video of their playing, and within a week receive constructive feedback and detailed guidance from leading piano educator Andrew Eales.

Uploading a simple recording made using your smartphone will allow your playing to shine more than is possible during an online lesson, unspoilt by the audio limitations of a Zoom call or problems with your home WiFi.

With no ongoing contract or costs, the Video Feedback Service simply provides a fair, musical alternative.

The Video Feedback Service comes in two flavours:

• Pianodao Video Shorts costs just £15.00, and is for individual pieces or videos up to a maximum of 5 minutes duration. Feedback is sent as an email reply, usually within 2 days.

• Pianodao Video Masterclass costs £40.00 and is suitable for video programmes up to 20 minutes in length. Multiples are available for longer recitals. Advice is provided via a more detailed Feedback Sheet, which is emailed within a week.

You can choose, find out more and apply for either by clicking on these links:

Why Get Video Feedback?

The Video Feedback Service offers an accessible, high-quality online alternative to having a short, focussed masterclass with an expert tutor. Feedback is provided in a lasting written form, yours to keep and use to inspire and inform lasting progress.

The Video Feedback Service offers all of the advantages touted for online piano lessons, but crucially, a lot more…

  • The schedule is up to you; no need to coordinate a live session
  • Record in comfort, without anxiety, playing your own piano
  • Recording offers better quality audio than live streaming
  • Receive detailed written feedback based on repeated listening
  • No need to travel, saving both time and fuel
  • No need for software subscriptions, platform or agency fees
  • No ongoing commitment or contract

“Your critique has actually given me a huge boost in my self-worth as a pianist. I like how specific the suggestions are and therefore easy to follow and apply.”

The Video Feedback Service can be used whenever you like, and however. You can dip in as a one-off, or come back at regular intervals within your own learning cycle.

To find out more, choose the right service for you and apply today, select from the two options: