The Pianodao Tea Room

The Pianodao Tea Room is a friendly online community and loyalty club for readers who enjoy and support the site.

The community exists as a private Facebook group, where members can chat, share stories and news, enjoy discussion, previews and even have input into forthcoming Pianodao articles and reviews.

In contrast to the stresses of some online forums, the convivial nature of the Tea Room is based on a shared desire to post, share and comment with the same respectful and friendly tone that we would use when meeting up with friends for a cup of tea in real life.

The Tea Room hosts The Daily Dao, offering quotes by pianists, teachers, philosophers and writers each weekday, accompanied by questions for personal reflection and to stimulate discussion. This adds to the overall content offered by Pianodao by providing an ongoing reflective extension to the major themes of philosophy and practice covered in articles here on the main site.

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Membership requires a Facebook account; acceptance is discretionary and is conditional upon agreement to Facebook’s Community Guidelines and following our basic group rules.

The Discounts shown above are current but subject to change without notice. Offers may expire, be updated, replaced, and new deals introduced.

How do I join?

Membership is for all who Support Pianodao.
If you have not already made the donation of your choice,
please consider making one now:

The Tea Room Experience


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