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The Pianodao Tea Room

Join the friendly online community and loyalty club for those who support the site with a modest annual donation!

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The community exists as a private Facebook group, where members can share stories and news, ask questions. attend video chats, and reflect on inspiring #DailyDao quotes from pianists, poets and philosophers.

Members can share clips of music that has inspired them, as well as uploading their own recordings and music for peer feedback any Sunday using the #SundaySounds hashtag. This is also a great time to listen to and be inspired by others.

In contrast to the stresses of some online forums, the convivial nature of the Tea Room is based on a shared desire to communicate in the same respectful and friendly tone that we would use when meeting up with friends for a cup of tea in real life.

Membership requires a Facebook account; acceptance is discretionary and is conditional upon agreement to Facebook’s Community Guidelines and following our basic group rules.

The Discounts shown above are current but subject to change without notice. Offers may expire, be updated, replaced, and new deals introduced.

How do I join?

Tea Room Membership is for those who support the Pianodao blog site. Please make your suggested annual donation here:

Tea Room Annual Donation


All the content on Pianodao is FREE to readers worldwide. But the website continues to grow with the support and generosity of readers and Tea Room members who are able and willing to show their appreciation by making a small donation. Readers like you. Thank you!

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