The Pianodao Tea Room

The Pianodao site has steadily grown over the last three years to become an established professional resource for piano players and teachers.

Pianodao is free to readers, but running the site and adding regular new content takes time and effort.

Would you therefore consider becoming a regular supporter who sponsors the site for as little as just £2.00 a month?

The Pianodao Tea Room is an online club for regular supporters.

It’s my way of saying “Thank You”, while also offering a few exclusive extras:

  • a private community for discussing piano playing, teaching and living;
  • previews and input into forthcoming Pianodao articles/reviews;
  • additional reviews and content not directly published on Pianodao;
  • links to more great content and opinion from around the internet.
  • Special Discounts and Offers on sheet music and more.

The Pianodao Tea Room is hosted as a Facebook community group, so you will need a Facebook account to join. Membership numbers are carefully limited, with a focus on creating a private and safe environment.

Why “Tea Room”?

Over many centuries, the tea room has been a special setting for meaningful relationships, understanding and respect. Given the philosophical leanings of the Pianodao site, creating a “tea room” for our community of readers seems particularly apt. Oh, and I personally love drinking a nice cup of tea!

But whether or not you actually drink tea (many of our members can’t stand the stuff!), come and chat about piano playing, teaching and living with our growing, like-minded community.

How do I join?

To join the Pianodao Tea Room you must be a regular supporter of the site. You can donate in the following ways:

  • Annually, £24.00. Currently – Spring 2019 until Spring 2020.
  • Seasonally every three months, £8.00. Currently – Spring 2019.

Please note that the seasons on Pianodao accord with those of the Northern Hemisphere, i.e. the season as it is in China, Europe and North America.

  • To pay directly from a PayPal account, please click on their logo
  • To pay by credit card, please click directly on the credit card logo 
  • If you have a UK bank account and would prefer to pay online or set up a regular payment, please contact me using the Contact Form below.

Annual Donation


Spring 2019 Donation


Welcome to the Tea Room!

Once you have made your donation, come and join the Tea Room here:

You will be asked to confirm EITHER the account name OR email address used for making your donation. This is needed to confirm you are a Pianodao supporter, and is not used for any other purpose.

The Tea Room membership list will be periodically reviewed to ensure it reflects current Regular Supporters. If you decide not to continue your regular support, please remove yourself from the Facebook community group to make room for somebody else. Thanks!

I look forward to getting to know you as a member of the inner community of Pianodao readers. Thanks again for your support!

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