The Pianodao Tea Room

The Pianodao Tea Room is a friendly online community and loyalty club for readers who regularly support this site.

The community exists as a private Facebook group, where members can chat, share stories and news, enjoy extra content, discussion, previews and even have input into forthcoming Pianodao articles and reviews.

Members currently also benefit from these Great Savings:
•  20% off all sheet music purchases from
•  20% of all sheet music from Elena Cobb’s EVC Music.
•  20% off all sheet music from Editions Musica Ferrum.

Membership requires a Facebook account and is conditional upon agreement to Facebook’s Community Guidelines and our group rules.

The Discounts shown above are current but subject to change without notice. Offers may expire, be updated, replaced, and new deals introduced.

How do I join?

Membership is for all who regularly Support Pianodao.
You can make an initial donation here:

The Tea Room Experience


  • To pay directly from a PayPal account, please click on their logo
  • To pay by credit card, please click directly on the credit card logo 
  • If you have a UK bank account and would prefer to pay online, or wish to set up regular payments, please get in touch using this Contact Form.

You will be asked to confirm EITHER the account name OR email address used for making your donation. This is needed to confirm you are a Pianodao supporter, and is not used for any other purpose.

Please share your thoughts:

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