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Pianodao Reviews Policy

Pianodao has a reputation for balanced, in-depth reviews of books, sheet music publications and educational resources.

Andrew Eales only reviews sheet music which he wishes to teach in his studio and/or play himself.

Repertoire reviewed here enters the Pianodao Music Library.

Readers can access Andrew’s support learning and playing this music, either remotely using his Video Feedback Service or by booking a consultation in person.

Declaration of Interests

As an active writer, consultant and educator, Andrew Eales has a network of friends and colleagues across the publishing and music industry, and wishes to make the following general declaration of interests:

  • Andrew has worked professionally on projects for ABRSM, LCM Exams, RSL Awards, PWM Edition, and is an independent publishing consultant advising EVC Music on special projects.
  • Andrew’s work has been published by ABRSM, LCM Exams and Editions Musica Ferrum. He currently enjoys an ongoing publishing relationship with Hal Leonard, who have published his book How to Practise Music and series The Graded Gillock.
  • Andrew is privileged to count among his personal friends a number of well-known writers, composers and publishers.

When recommending music on Pianodao, Andrew does so as an independent agent expressing his own opinions. He endeavours to write with impartiality and the utmost integrity, bringing readers of Pianodao the same recommendations that he gives to students attending his studio.

In cases where he has a specific involvement in any project, Andrew is careful to ensure that his participation is made explicit in his writing.

Pianodao readers benefit from Andrew’s publishing connections. Behind the scenes he is able to fact-check reviews, clarify any issues and draw on the insights of the composers and publishers, ensuring that his reviews are as accurate and well-informed as possible.

Leading publishers routinely send review copies of their latest publications, enabling Andrew to draw from the widest range of available new music when selecting his recommendations on Pianodao.

Andrew has also negotiated a 20% discount on sheet music for readers who join the Tea Room Community from online retailer Musicroom, as well as publishers EVC Music, Editions Musica Ferrum and Edition HH.

Pianodao is a Musicroom and Amazon UK affiliate.

When readers use the site’s retail links, Pianodao earns a small commission on qualifying purchases, but this does not affect the price that readers pay.

Submissions for Review

Reviews are based on physical product available in the UK / online.

Before sending sheet music for review, please Contact Andrew to check whether your publication is likely to be suitable.

Materials may be submitted for review on the following understanding:

Reviews may appear in the form of:

  • A full written, published review on the Pianodao site
  • A comment and link on the Pianodao social media
  • A mention within an article or “group review”
  • A recommendation to Pianodao Tea Room members.

Reviews published on the Pianodao website are usually featured there for two years, after which those retained in the Pianodao Music Library remain permanently. Reviews may be updated and amended after publication.

Review materials:  become the sole property Andrew Eales upon receipt. They are evaluated for the purpose of writing reviews, and they subsequently remain Andrew’s property for reference, for teaching purposes and within the continuing Pianodao Music Library.

Review materials are never sold, commercially redistributed, or returned to their original provider. After two years, materials not included and retained in the Pianodao Music Library are non-commercially redistributed or responsibly disposed of.

Images: it is assumed unless otherwise advised that Pianodao may source, create and publish images of or derived from products alongside reviews. Copyright images available for use in published reviews should be supplied via email and permission for their use is assumed.

Guarantee: Receipt of review materials by Andrew Eales neither implies nor guarantees that a review will be published in any format.

Copyright:  All reviews published on Pianodao are copyright © Andrew Eales or Guest Authors where credited.

Marketing Use: Authors, composers, producers and publishers of review materials are welcome to quote from Pianodao reviews within their marketing and publicity, provided that the author and Pianodao website are properly credited alongside the quote.

Updates:  Please notify Pianodao of any errors contained in reviews, including when publications are updated, superseded or withdrawn.

For further information about this policy or if you wish to submit a product for review or otherwise get in touch, please: