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The Pianodao Music Library

Categorised for your specific playing level, and with top Studio Choice recommendations of the best material, the Pianodao Music Library is the place to discover your repertoire!

The library brings together all the publications which have been reviewed, shared or otherwise featured on the site. As such it is a varied, extensive, inclusive, and expanding body of carefully curated music suitable for all players.

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Latest Additions

Penelope Roskell • Essential Piano Technique

I cannot state urgently enough how highly I rate and strongly recommend these three volumes. Beautifully presented, but modestly priced, they indisputably establish a new benchmark for teaching children a healthy piano technique. Ignoring them is not an option!

Uplifting Piano Solos

For advancing players who are looking for some lighter relief between wrestling with Bach, Beethoven, Chopin and Hindemith , “Uplifting Piano Solos” more than fulfils the brief, while equally living up to its title, delivering consummately crafted and enjoyable arrangements of famous melodies that will uplift pianist and impress audience alike.

Mike Cornick • A Piano Sketchbook

Mike Cornick’s ‘A Piano Sketchbook’ is, as so often with this composer, a collection which I can very simply and warmly recommend. The six new pieces here are in a lighter style, and would suit players at around UK Grade 4-5 level. Here’s my review…

Krystyna Gowik: Fives for Piano

Krystyna Gowik has a deft ability to spot a gap in the piano literature for young players and fill it with appealing and educationally rich music. “Fives for piano” is perhaps her most pedagogically unique and valuable yet…

Naoko Ikeda • The Graded Collection

For this publication I have selected and edited 24 of Naoko Ikeda’s best solo works, presenting her pieces in approximate order of difficulty, grouped from Grade 2 to Grade 5 level.

Eugénie Rocherolle’s Romantic Stylings

“Romantic Stylings” is as easy to recommend as it is to review: eight superb and varied intermediate pieces, which are bound to bring joy to players at around UK Grade 4-5 level.

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