Qigong Exercises

Breathing and stretching exercises for healthy practice and living
Compiled for Pianodao by Andrew Eales.

Getting Started with Qigong

This page brings together the Qigong exercises which I believe can help piano players, and that I have shared here on the Pianodao website.

Some exercises are at the piano; most are away from the piano.

The main purpose of several of the exercises is to help reconnect mental focus, physical sensation and movement. This involves developing awareness through movement and through breathing.

I have tried to identify exercises that I would use to specifically address problems that pianists commonly face. However, due to the holistic nature of Qigong practice, in which any exercise offers multiple simultaneous benefits, many of the exercises address most or all of the specific aspects listed below.

With that in mind, it is best to try ALL of the Piano Qigong exercises yourself, mindfully reflecting on the benefits of each.


Before going further, try this introductory exercises:

  • Earth Posture

    Discover a balanced natural posture with effective weight distribution using this very easy standing meditation.

  • How to Warm your Hands and fingers

    A short, easy video tutorial to stimulate circulation and prepare for piano playing.

Awareness in Movement

  • Open and Commence

    A simple breathing and stretching exercise with a particular focus on the wrists.

  • Opening the Chest

    An extension of “Open and Commence”, this builds the focus on wrist flexibility while also working the shoulders

Awareness in Breathing

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