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How to Practise Music: The Reviews

A highlight of 2022 has been the release and positive reception of my first book for Hal Leonard.

Published worldwide, How to Practise Music is a practical handbook for musicians of all stripes, described by the publishers as:

“The essential, pocket-sized companion for every musician. Accessible and authoritative, How to Practise Music is an ideal guide for anyone learning to play music. Suitable for instrumentalists and vocalists of any genre, this comprehensive handbook will give you a better idea of how to practise music, good reasons for doing so, and the confidence to succeed. “

The book is now available in both UK and US versions (Practice/Practise!):

Over the course of the last few months I have been truly thrilled and touched by the many wonderful comments I have received, and glowing reviews that have appeared in the press and online…

“The book is full of golden advice and it constantly encourages the reader to think more deeply about the process of practising music… a great source of wisdom and advice, and should probably be on every student’s Christmas list this year. “

Celia Cobb
The Strad, December 2022
Read the full review here.

“A wonderfully concise and practical guide. As ideas may resonate at different times in the development of musicianship, this book can be re-read regularly for fresh insights and inspiration. “

Nita Pelletier
The Canadian Music Teacher, Winter 2023

“This diminutive book is shorter than an octave span, less than a fifth wide, and skinnier than a black key. It actually fits in my pocket. Let not its physical stature deceive you, though, for it is big on content. Over the course of 80 pages, Andrew Eales addresses the why, when, where and how of practising, providing readers with plenty of ideas and practical advice in all these areas… Recommended to teachers and adult learners alike.”

Michael McMillan
Pianist Magazine June 2022

“In this helpful little book, the author considers 50 aspects of practice and unpacks them in such a way as to be useful to instrumentalists and vocalists of any genre… Any independent learner or parent committed to their child’s progress would benefit from having this book to dip into, and to make sure they are investing all that practice time as well as possible.”

Helena Ruinard
Music Teacher Magazine April 2022

How to Practise Music by Andrew Eales is one of the best books related to instrumental teaching and learning I’ve read for years. It’s essential reading for music teachers, students and parents. If it isn’t yet on your bookshelves, it should be…

I am convinced that if every musician, whether they be performer or teacher, read this book, music would be more enjoyable for us all. Every page is packed full of advice, tips and ideas to make not just practice more effective, but learning an instrument more fulfilling. “

Dr. David Barton
Music Teacher, Composer and Writer
Read the full review here.

“This hold-in-the-hand 80-page book is the perfect practice manual for teachers to draw ideas from and for students to develop their own personal practice tool kit to help make the most of the time… This compact book, packed with sage advice and wonderful content, will help any teacher or student reading it to resolve their practice challenges. The result will potentially be a greater love of their instrument and so much more success playing it.”

Karen Marshall
Piano teacher, presenter and best-selling author

“Andrew’s book unquestionably considers in equal measure the organisational and creative aspects of practising most persuasively. The presentation and style is lucid and practical. This is not a florid, pictorial production. Rather, it cuts to the chase, fits neatly into your jacket pocket and will be of invaluable use to an enormous number of practicing musicians.”

Murray McLachlan
Pianist, writer, recording artist and educator 
Read the full review here

“This pocket-sized volume is the perfect companion for every musician, packing a punch in less than 100 pages with its wealth of supportive, imaginative, practical and thoughtful suggestions to keep the musician, whatever their age or ability level, focused and motivated… You may wish to read the book from cover to cover, or to simply dip into it; either way, you will find it an invaluable resource. Teachers too will find much useful information in finding creative ways to encourage students to practise.”

Frances Wilson
The Cross-Eyed Pianist website
Read the full review here

“Packed with wisdom gleaned from decades of making and teaching music, Eales’ guide offers practical advice on how to practice in ways that are both productive and joyful. What many of us had to learn through years of trial and error can be found in this pithy, must-have book.”

Rhonda Rizzo
Pianist, novelist and writer
No Dead Guys website interview

“This publication is full of accessible, supportive, imaginative, wise practical advice and strategy for today’s learner, gleaned from Eales’ many years as a music educator. I think this is a great book and recommend it highly as an easily-digestible guide. Eales recognises the challenges faced by any musician. The reader is encouraged to focus, plan, reflect and explore in a spirit of creativity, mindfulness and engaged curiosity. It presents a fairly comprehensive compendium of useful  and wide-ranging ideas with warmth and understanding without ever being patronising or didactic. Elements of motivation, progress and satisfaction are all acknowledged, both in the nitty-gritty of planned practice and the joy of playfulness and discovery.”

Rachel Sherry
AOTOS Newsletter

My sincere thanks to all the reviewers who have taken the time to read, to reflect on and to write such wonderful reviews of my book. I know from experience the long hours of work that go into writing an informative and helpful review, and it is much appreciated!

I am also hugely grateful to the internationally esteemed writer, composer and educator Paul Harris for writing this informative and lovely Foreword:

For more information about the book, including the full list of contents, click this link for my detailed introduction:

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Andrew Eales

Andrew Eales is a widely respected piano educator, writer and composer based in Milton Keynes UK. His book HOW TO PRACTISE MUSIC is published by Hal Leonard.