Jazzin’ Americana

Sheet Music Review

Wynn-Anne Rossi may well be a new name to UK readers, but in the US she is a well known as a composer and dynamic educator. Commissions include works sponsored by Minnesota Public Radio, the National Endowment for the Arts, the American Composers Forum and the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra. She has over 70 piano publications, as well as original repertoire including orchestral and vocal works.

WynnAnneRossi.ashxWynn-Anne’s passion for promoting creativity in young musicians is reflected in her choice of publications with Alfred Music, which include the ’Musica Latina series of four repertoire and four duet books.

Her latest publications with Alfred are a series of four new solo piano books under the title Jazzin’ Americana, the subject of this review.

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Stars: 14 Constellations for Piano

Sheet Music Review

‘Stars: Fourteen Constellations for Piano’ is the most recent publication from piano teacher and composer June Armstrong‘s Pianissimo Publishing. The pieces are for piano solo, in a contemporary style, and the level of difficulty is aimed at between grades 3 to 5.

The book joins the growing library of works from June, which include some dozen books to suit players from beginner level (‘Toy Box’ and ‘Paint Box’) up to and including the higher grades (‘Causeway Coast Fantasy’‘The Girona Suite’ and ‘Strangford Sketchbook’).

Taken as a whole, June has produced an impressive, growing catalogue of piano music written in a modern musical language which will appeal to players of all ages, and which reflects her motto “Music of the Imagination”.

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The Lang Lang Piano Method

Sheet Music Review

Lang Lang may be the most famous classical pianist on the planet, but in recent years his interests and activities have certainly not been confined to the concert platform. His talent and charisma has inspired millions to take up the piano; in China alone the “Lang Lang Effect” is credited with encouraging over 40 million children to start lessons.

September 2014 saw the launch of the Lang Lang Piano Academy, a partnership venture with Faber Music that initially resulted in five volumes of ‘Mastering The Piano’, bringing together graded repertoire with an emphasis on technical development. And now we have ‘The Lang Lang Piano Method’, another series of five books, this time providing a structured piano method for beginners.

The first three books in this series are launched worldwide on March 8th 2016. I am pleased to be giving this in-depth review, with thanks to Faber Music for kindly allowing me access to the materials in advance.

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Lucinda Mackworth-Young: “Piano by Ear”

Lucinda Mackworth-Young’s new book “Piano by Ear” fills a massive gap in the market. Here’s my review :

Quite simply this is the book that I, and no doubt many other thousands of pianists and teachers, have been waiting for. For years!

I even considered writing something like it myself at one point, back at the time my own Keyquest books for electronic keyboard were just out. But thank goodness – Lucinda Mackworth-Young has saved us all the effort, and has certainly done a far better job of it than I would ever have done!

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