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Pianodao advocates a repertoire-rich approach to piano playing, with a focus on developing an Active Repertoire of pieces which you can confidently play any time, any place.

This goal is predicated on nurturing intrinsic motivation (the player’s love of music) rather than relying heavily on extrinsic motivations (such as exams, competitions and rewards), which research suggests can mitigate against the development of an ongoing interest in music.

The site also offers a unique set of opportunities to take your piano journey forward with Andrew’s direct personal support, with the following options to suit players of all ages and abilities, at his Milton Keynes studio or from anywhere in the world via online:

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Recent Articles:

Andor Földes on being a ‘Child Prodigy’

Contributing to an interesting discussion about ‘child prodigy’ on social media, I have recently mentioned this quote from Földes book, and thought it worth also sharing here, together with some thoughts on how we nurture talent and more…

Musical Achievement, Assessment and Motivation

ABRSM have recently launched a debate into the nature of musical achievement, assessment, and intrinsic motivation. How do these three relate, if at all?

Here is my considered response to the issues that have been raised by their now-infamous tweet…

The Future of ABRSM Grades?

Performance Grades place all aspects of musical development under the spotlight in their appropriate context: MUSIC.

With LIVE Performance Grades, ABRSM have an opportunity to turn the tide and reinvigorate music assessment. Here are the reasons why I believe they offer a bright future for the piano grades…

Which Piano Exam Board 2021/3?

Providing a space in which each piano exam board can be equally and fairly represented has proved challenging, but it’s my sincere hope that teachers, parents and players everywhere will find what follows helpful in deciding Which Piano Exam Board will best serve their needs in 2021-3.

The Pianist’s Limits

“It is certainly not negative, lacking in faith or discouraging to recognise, wisely, that we all have limitations. On the contrary: it is foolish, arrogant and self-defeating to think otherwise…”

Who needs piano lessons anyway?

More and more players, especially adult beginners, are trying to teach themselves to play the piano without the support of a good teacher. And there are a growing number of apps, videos and books to help.

What (if anything) does a teacher offer that can’t be found elsewhere?

Piano Playing Covid

The Post-Pandemic Piano Player

As we emerge from the current pandemic, what will we all have learnt? How will we have changed in general, and as piano players?

Piano Lessons in Milton Keynes Online

Active Repertoire: The 2021 Challenge

We enter 2021 with growing numbers of pianists and teachers embracing a fresh direction and revitalised piano goals.

It’s time for a more positive vision of our piano playing! And here it is…

Rediscovering the Magic of Piano

There’s never been a better time to rediscover the magic, to ditch competitive striving in music education and instead embrace a deep, transformative love for music…


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