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The aim of Pianodao is to encourage, inform and inspire piano players around the world, and this page provides links to highlights from across the site.

Recent Highlights

András Schiff & natural breathing
Breathing is a subject that I have rarely seen discussed in connection with piano technique, and even less so in the context of pianists’ injuries, their causes, cures and corrections.
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Piano Lessons: dealing with anxiety
This article is written for any player who has ever said – and any teacher who has ever heard – the words: “It was perfect when I practised it at home this morning…”
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ARSM: your questions answered
If you are post-Grade 8 and interested in taking a piano diploma, the ARSM may well be for you. To find out more I interviewed Penny Milsom from ABRSM…
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Active Repertoire

The Active Repertoire Project aims to encourage piano players from around the world to develop their own Active Repertoire of three pieces which can be played any time, any place – without notice, without embarrassment, and without notation.

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