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Welcome to Pathways for Playing. The aim of Pianodao is to encourage, inform and inspire piano players around the world, and this page provides links to highlights from across the site.


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Active Repertoire

The Active Repertoire Project aims to encourage piano players from around the world to develop their own Active Repertoire of three pieces which can be played any time, any place – without notice, without embarrassment, and without notation.

My article What Can You Play? provides the essential introduction to this project. And I hope that the encouragement offered here will play a small part in helping you fulfil your piano playing ambitions!

Find out more in this GETTING STARTED GUIDE

Sheet Music Reviews

Pianodao has developed a reputation for balanced, independent reviews of sheet music and educational publications.

Explore Pianodao Reviews by level of difficulty (“grade” equivalents are ABRSM and other UK grades):

Easy  (Preliminary to Grade 3)   Explore Easy Category
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Advanced  (Grade 6 – 8)   Explore Advanced Category
Diploma  (Beyond Grade 8)   Explore Diploma Category

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